Salesforce Service Cloud

Getting the deal signed is only half the battle – once you have your new customer it is important to keep them happy and service them well. Salesforce Service Cloud helps you ensure that your customers are successful and happy.

A Single View of the Customer

Salesforce Service Cloud is built on the Salesforce Platform, so integrates seamless with your other Salesforce services to provide you with a truly 360 degree view of the customer so you can help them. See their account and contact information from Salesforce Sales Cloud. Understand their interactions with your marketing collateral in Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Salesforce Pardot. By allowing seamless integrations with other Salesforce services your customer service agents can truly understand and recognise who the customer is to help them.


Whatever channel – phone, email, chat, SMS, social media or web, Salesforce Service Cloud provides a single unified experience for your agents to handle customer requests. Route cases to the appropriate queue depending on their subject, enforce SLAs, and communicate with the customer on whatever channel from a single screen. You can also assign workloads, skills and prioritisation to ensure that the right person for the job is on hand helping the customer.

Knowledge and Public Knowledge Bases

Salesforce Service Cloud can be extended with Salesforce Knowledge to allow you to build out a powerful knowledge base of detailed information to help agents help customers, but also help customers help themselves. Craft simple to use and clear knowledge articles that you can publish to the web and a public knowledge base with one click, all from within the Salesforce UI.

Case Deflection

Once these knowledge articles are ready they become the first line in helping you deflect customer cases and answer customer queries faster. Customers want to be able to help themselves, and through a public knowledge base, Salesforce Experiences, Einstein Chatbots and more, you can help the customer find the information they need, when they need it. 

How has Cloud Galacticos helped Cloud Nine utilise Salesforce Service Cloud?

Cloud Nine engaged Cloud Galacticos as their chosen Salesforce partner to help them deliver a Salesforce Service Cloud based solution to manage their customer interactions and support.

Cloud Galacticos delivered a solution which was integrated with their ecommerce and order management solutions to provide a single system of truth for all their customer data. The solution provided customer care agents with all the information required to answer any consumer queries quickly and accurately, whilst engaging in email conversations from a single platform.

Find out more in our Success Story here.

Salesforce Managed Services

The tech industry is continually evolving, and with Salesforce it’s even more prevalent. Being at the forefront of technology is a strong focus at Salesforce. There are several new releases a year, with documentation covering hundreds of pages. At Cloud Galacticos, our team is primed to stay on top of the latest updates. They are also encouraged to keep on learning and take exams to stay top of the game.

Why Should You Consider a Salesforce Managed Services Package with Cloud Galacticos?

The first reason is to make sure you are not leaving money on the table. When you invest in Salesforce you get access to a huge suite of features. It is almost guaranteed however, that you are not going to utilise them all straight away. Many are not applicable to a brand new deployment and may be too much too quickly for a first roll-out. We are a big believer in the phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know”. This is especially true with a new software solution. You don’t know how users will use it, the things they will find easy and hard, and what features will help them be more productive. Having a managed services partnership can help you to add these features in an ongoing manner at the right time for you.

A Salesforce Managed Services Package With Cloud Galacticos Helps You Stay Updated

Salesforce has three releases a year during which an entirely new set of free features get rolled out to your environment. It’s always a surprise to us when we meet customers who weren’t aware of this. Many had gone years without reviewing the features they had available to them, again effectively leaving money on the table. As a managed services partner, Cloud Galacticos will work with you consistently to discuss the updates Salesforce are releasing. We will also suggest how to best utilise them to make sure you are taking advantage of the updates.

Want Access to a Dedicated Team of Salesforce Experts?

Expertise is another key benefit. For many organisations it is too costly to recruit a full time Salesforce team member who has the knowledge to be able to support them effectively. A managed services partnership with Cloud Galacticos takes care of this and allows you to have access to our team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals who can support you as needed and guide you to improving your Salesforce instance over the long term. 

A Salesforce Managed Services Package Gives Your Long Term Vision

Another big reason we love engaging with clients on a managed services basis is that it truly moves us to being long term collaborative partners. Often if organisations engage with a partner on a per project basis short term aims can overtake long term vision and strategy which is where a managed services partnership can truly help to ensure that going forward the long term vision is maintained and improved upon.

Find Out More About Salesforce Managed Services at Cloud Galacticos

By choosing a Salesforce Managed Service at Cloud Galacticos, you’ll have peace of mind. You will also have access to our highly skilled team to offer continual project support as needed. Finally, a big reason we prefer to engage with clients on a managed services basis is that it moves us to being long term collaborative partners.

So iIf you would like to hear more about our managed services packages please contact us

Salesforce Integration

There are numerous Salesforce tools available to help with your business CRM. So it’s important to understand how best to organise and connect the tools to work with your marketing goals. Having a Salesforce integration process will help you understand your business goals. It’s advisable to create a solid plan and provide training for your team to make your Salesforce Integration services more efficient. 

It’s well known that integrating Salesforce with other systems has many advantages, these could include:

  • Offering all-in-one access to allow your team to avoid switching systems (they stay logged into a single system).
  • The gathering of information from a single data source.
  • Automating workflows with no requirements of any code.
  • Offering easy access to data from all integrated systems.

Salesforce Development

Salesforce has a fantastic suite of point and click tools to help you deliver great solutions, but sometimes you are going to need custom code to make your solution work. Whether it is Apex, Aura, Lightning Web Components or Visualforce, our team of expert Salesforce Developers have all the skills you need to bring your requirements to life. Our team includes Salesforce MVPs, Developer Group Leaders and even authors on Salesforce development, so we are confident we can build you an optimal solution.

Salesforce Apex Development 

Apex is Salesforce’s backend language for building out complex business logic on the platform. Our team of Salesforce developers includes MVPs and published authors on Apex so you know you will be getting the right set of skills for success. We are well versed in developing Apex solutions that scale. We have experience in working with:

  • Batch Apex
  • Queueable Apex
  • future methods
  • Integrations
  • Triggers
  • Apex unit testing
  • Apex REST services
  • Scheduled Apex

So if you need help in developing robust solutions in Apex, contact us to find out how our team can help you succeed with your Salesforce development.

Lightning Web Components Development

Lightning Web Components are the new standard for custom Salesforce UX development and our team are fully versed in developing modern applications using Lightning Web Component/LWC. Lightning Web Components provide you with fast and responsive components for deployment either within your Salesforce org, to customers and partners via a Salesforce Experience, or on your own website hosted on a platform such as Heroku

If you are looking for help in either building new components or migrating you legacy Visualforce or Aura components to LWC, contact us to ask how we can help you succeed.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Today’s users do not want to be engaged with as part of non-descript blob, they want personalised, tailored engagement that is on the right channel and at the right time for them. You need to take your customers and users on a journey that shows you know who they are and what they need.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is Salesforce’s digital marketing platform to help you do just that. Not only does it include all the basics you would expect for a modern marketing platform such as powerful email marketing, integration with Google Analytics 360, and detailed analytics, it provides the most comprehensive set of personalised marketing and engagement tools available.

Journey Builder can help you build powerful, branching, and intelligent journeys that react to the user’s actions. Whether it is sending an engaging campaign to existing customers for a new product launch or onboarding a new user in a timely and interactive manner, Journey Builder can help you provide that tailored experience to your end user.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud also has Salesforce Einstein baked in to ensure that you can deliver messages to your customers and users when they are most likely to engage and interact with them, improving engagement and ensuring that the user is not being notified at a time that doesn’t suit them. 

Your universe of contacts can be segmented into personas and groups to help you improve your messaging and tailoring, and this is all done across the channels you want email, mobile (SMS or in-app) and social media.

Read about how we have helped the Church of England improve their engagements with their community here, or contact us using the form below to learn more about how we can help you improve the way in which you engage with your customers and users.

Salesforce Configuration

Salesforce Customisation and Configuration

One of the best features of Salesforce are the powerful and versatile configuration tools. From formula fields to Salesforce Flow, our team of Salesforce Configuration experts can help you to use your Salesforce instance more effectively and efficiently.

Process Automation

One of the easiest ways to improve efficiency within any organisation is to reduce the amount of manual work that your team has to perform. Salesforce has a variety of process automation tools to help you streamline your work and stop manual mistakes from occurring. Whether it’s a background process, required approval, or simple data entry wizard, our team of Salesforce consultants can help you improve your data capture and management.


What is the point in having data if you can’t report on it? Salesforce reports and dashboards are a powerful out of the box tool designed to help you report on any data within your system. With all this information and knowledge at your fingertips, our team can help you get the numbers and metrics you need to help you run and grow your business. And when you start to need big data analytics or artificial intelligence, we can help you transition to Tableau CRM as well (formerly Einstein Analytics).


Trust is Salesforce’s number one priority and you need to ensure you do your part in keeping your data safe and secure. Not only will this ensure you can meet regulatory requirements like the GDPR, but will also improve the overall health and performance of your system. Want to understand how? Reach out to our team using the form below.

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack

One of the many things that Salesforce and Cloud Galacticos have in common is a love for helping charities and not-for-profit organizations succeed. The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack is a tailored set of features built for the non-profit sector that can help with fundraising, volunteering, donor relationships, and much more.

Improve Your Constituent Relationship Management

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack gives everyone in your team a single, shared view of all your constituents by breaking down divisions between the likes of marketing, programs, fundraising, and leadership. This will ensure that your teams can communicate, connect, and manage your most important relationships with ease.


The NPSP’s program management features will help you track many different types of programs or services. 

Gift Entry and Recurring Donations are features within NPSP that lets you enter gifts seamlessly and manage recurring donations with ease to help you better support your valued donors.

Better Reporting and Analytics

As with any nonprofit organisation, reporting of campaigns is essential to help you measure its success. There’s over 60 out-of-the-box reports and dashboards that your fundraisers and team members can use to help understand and share your success with your stakeholders.

Make the Most of the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack with Cloud Galacticos

Cloud Galacticos are extremely proud to be a partner and a Pledge 1% member. We have helped a number of organisations in the not-for-profit and charity sector succeed with Salesforce and the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. Our team of certified and skilled Salesforce Consultants love helping organisations that make a real difference. You can read here how we helped Human Appeal (a NFP working to strengthen humanity’s fight against poverty, social justice, and natural disaster). If you are a non-profit organisation or charity and are looking for help or information about our discounted rates for non-profit organisations then please contact us using the form below.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the world’s leading CRM designed to help your sales team close more deals faster, wherever they are. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, you can manage the entire sales cycle simply and effectively in a single, cloud based system. Enable your sales team to take new leads, turn them into opportunities, win deals, and get deeper insights into their data seamlessly.

Account and Contact Management

Salesforce Sales Cloud makes it easy for your team to have a single store of all account and contact information that is at their finger tips. You can customise the information you capture and display to ensure the data they need is both accurate and available when it is needed. With powerful inbuilt actions to enable you to communicate with your contacts direct from the CRM or integrations from your mailbox, your sales team will be able to ensure that everything  is tracked simply and effectively saving hours of time and data entry. 

Campaigns, Leads and Opportunity Management

The goals of a sales team is to identify leads and close opportunities – the bread and butter of the Salesforce Sales Cloud system. Work with your marketing team to craft campaigns, identify leads and nurture them qualified opportunities. Then using the rich activity timeline, intuitive sales processes, and custom process automation, your sales team can ensure that activity is logged and deals are closed faster.

Forecasting and Reporting

With a powerful forecasting and reporting engine, Salesforce Sales Cloud can help your sales operations and sales management a breeze. Put simply – if it is in Salesforce, you can report on it. Gain deep insights into your data to make better decisions and improve the understanding of your business. And if you need to extend this further, you can use Salesforce Einstein for Sales to help you gain deeper insights driven by machine learning. 

Mobile First

Your sales team need to have all their information on the go, including contact information, reports, tasks and so much more. Salesforce Sales Cloud has a single unified mobile app for iOS and Android to allow your team to close deals and collaborate wherever they are.

Salesforce Maps

With today’s workforce becoming more mobile, adapting to this change is becoming more important in staying ahead of the game. Salesforce Maps helps your workforce get location intelligence for sales and services within the Salesforce CRM. It can help you optimise your routes, prioritise schedules, which in turn help win leads.

Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud is the world’s leading CRM platform reimagined for the healthcare and life sciences industry. Whether you’re engaging with patients as a healthcare provider, engaging on patient support programmes as a pharmaceutical or life sciences organisation, or running clinical trials as a clinical research organisation, Salesforce Health Cloud is designed to help you improve the way you interact with patients and improve their overall outcomes.

Healthcare Providers

For healthcare providers Salesforce Health Cloud provides an effective way of enabling you to deliver first class experiences to your patients at scale. As an example, our experienced team of Salesforce Consultants helped a high-end hair replacement clinic ensure that they were providing a 5-star service from registering interest through to post-treatment engagement.

You can take your customers from interest all the way on the journey through to consultation, treatment, and recovery from a single platform, with a single set of data. You can also extend your offerings with a community and webstore that are mobile friendly to ensure that your patients can get the information and assistance they need wherever they are.

Pharma and Life Sciences

Salesforce Health Cloud allows Pharma and Life Sciences companies to engage and support patients across their treatment in patient support programmes. Patient support coordinators can have a single view of all of a patient’s data and engage with them in a cross-channel manner to help them succeed in both programme onboarding as well as ongoing treatment and support.

Clinical Trials and Clinical Research Organisations

For organisations managing clinical trials, Salesforce Health Cloud enables you to recruit, onboard, manage, and support trial participants from a single system that can integrate using the HL7/FHIR data standard with a clinical system as needed. With more clinical trials moving to remote and geographically spread participation, you can ensure that you are engaging with and supporting patients throughout the entire trial process.  You can also enable trial participants to self-report on outcomes and progress increasing participation and decreasing trial costs.

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