Salesforce Service Cloud

Getting the deal signed is only half the battle. Once you have your new customer it is important to keep them happy and service them well. Salesforce Service Cloud helps you ensure that your customers are successful and happy.

A Single View of the Customer

Salesforce Service Cloud is built on the Salesforce Platform. It integrates seamlessly with your other Salesforce services to provide you with a truly 360 degree view of the customer.

See their account and contact information from Salesforce Sales Cloud. Understand their interactions with your marketing collateral in Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Salesforce Pardot.

By allowing seamless integrations with other Salesforce services your agents can truly understand and recognise who the customer is to help them.





Salesforce Service CloudWhatever channel – phone, email, chat, SMS, social media or web, Salesforce Service Cloud provides a single unified experience for your agents to handle customer requests.

Route cases to the appropriate queue depending on their subject, enforce SLAs, and communicate with the customer on whatever channel from a single screen.

You can also assign workloads, skills and prioritisation to ensure that the right person for the job is on hand helping the customer.




Knowledge and Public Knowledge Bases

Salesforce Service CloudSalesforce Service Cloud can be extended with Salesforce Knowledge. This allows you to build out a powerful knowledge base of detailed information to help agents help customers. It also help customers help themselves.

You can also craft simple to use and clear knowledge articles. This is published to the web and a public knowledge base with one click, all from within the Salesforce UI.






Case Deflection

Case DeflectionOnce these knowledge articles are ready, they become the first line in helping you deflect customer cases and answer customer queries faster.

Customers want to be able to help themselves. You can help them find the information they need via knowledge base, Salesforce Experiences, Einstein Chatbots and more.






How Cloud Galacticos helped Cloud Nine utilise Salesforce Service Cloud

Cloud Nine engaged Cloud Galacticos as their chosen Salesforce partner. We helped them deliver a solution to manage their customer interactions and support.

The ecommerce and order management were integrated to provide a single system of truth for all their customer data. It also provided agents with all the information required to answer any consumer queries quickly and accurately, whilst engaging in email conversations from a single platform.

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