Salesforce Heroku

Heroku is Salesforce’s polyglot platform as a service (PaaS) that enables you to develop, web, mobile, and backend applications that will scale and grow seamlessly as your customers do.

Salesforce Heroku allows you to build apps in almost any language and deploy them rapidly without the headache of having to setup images, perform wavy configuration of environments, or manage any servers. You can take existing applications and deploy them to Heroku to improve costs, or build entirely new applications to help drive additional business functionality.

Heroku Connect

Heroku ConnectBecause Heroku is part of the Salesforce family you can easily integrate your core Salesforce data with Heroku applications to allow seamless data interaction through Heroku Connect. With Heroku Connect you can synchronise data in near real-time from your Salesforce org into a Heroku Postgres database for your app to work with. This means you can build highly-scalable and performant mobile and web applications processing millions of low-latency transactions that can utilise your Salesforce data and synchronize back any updates or changes as required. 

Our team of Heroku developers and Salesforce Consultants have used this amazing feature to help organisations build apps that scale, or archive data directly from Salesforce to enable their org to scale further and meet their regulatory requirements for data storage. If you would like to find out more how we can help you build modern scalable apps, or manage your Salesforce Data Archiving strategy, fill in the contact form.

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