The Church of England and Salesforce Marketing Cloud

At Cloud Galacticos we like to work with a diverse range of industry types. So we were pleased when The Church of England approached us. They wanted us to help them make the most of Salesforce to better communicate with their community.


The Church of England is the established church in England, spread over 42 dioceses in England and Europe. The Church of England maintains a Christian presence in every community across the country through more than 16,500 churches.


The Church of England has worked with Cloud Galacticos to help them better communicate with those in contact with the national church, in a more personal way. Some key criteria were:

  • The ability to send members a series of emails to help them reflect on their faith in everyday scenarios
  • Migrate from their existing tool easily
  • Reporting capabilities on the messages they are sending
  • Future proofing and new features that they could grow into
  • Ensuring the connection to a local church was always made possible


Cloud Galacticos helped The Church of England by implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud to allow them to meet all their needs with a more scalable and powerful system than their incumbent marketing tool. This started with some basic setup to ensure that the system was correctly configured for use including IP warming and certificate configuration.

A base journey was built out, including configuration of email templates. Simple content management to allow the Church of England team to reuse the work on future campaigns, as well as help with training the team on best practices to use in the tool.

It is important to us that we can self-service and grow the tool going forward” says Ben Hollebon, Web and Insights Manager. “It was great that we were able to learn from the Cloud Galacticos team as we prepare for the future.

As part of this future proofing, a change was made midway through as an additional requirement for a new Salesforce Experience Cloud (formerly known as Salesforce Community Cloud) based discipleship platform.

Church of England


With the new solution in place, The Church of England can now implement far more interactive and personalised journeys than was ever possible before. Their content is now formatted in a way they can reuse. While all the existing email subscribers have been successfully migrated over and received their first communications with a deliverability rate of over 99.6%.

It has been great working with the Galacticos team. We are really excited about starting the next phase with them to provide more content to those engaging with us. This will allow us to not only leverage more of Marketing Cloud, but also take advantage of the great integrations with the rest of the Salesforce Platform” said Ben.

“Working fully-remotely with this delivery has been challenging at times, but the team has worked hard to ensure we’ve met internal deadlines and have always been at hand to answer our questions. I’m really looking forward to how this new platform will allow people to discover more about Christianity and help develop their faith.”

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