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The Importance of Salesforce Training

You are likely to have invested a significant amount of time, effort and money on implementing Salesforce. Mainly so your overall business processes are improved and your employees can work smarter not harder. Without correct end user training, all this work can be for nothing however. This is where our Salesforce training team can help.

Far too often benefits led training is overlooked and ‘Click here, Click there’ training is delivered. When reviewing the success of your implementation, one of the key success metrics should be User Adoption of your Salesforce Instance. If your team is not comfortable using it they will continue to ‘do it the way we have always done it’.



Bespoke Custom Training

You have most likely invested heavily (not just financially) in Salesforce for your company. You want to get the maximum benefit of your successful implementation. In order to get the most out of Salesforce, your team needs to appreciate the challenges being solved by using relevant tools that support their day to day processes. Equally important is the ‘Why?’. We have all been in those training sessions where it has been ‘death by PowerPoint’. We make your Salesforce training sessions interactive to support your team and their successful adoption of Salesforce.

Salesforce end user training should always be as realistic as possible, process driven and relevant to what you are trying to achieve with Salesforce. For that reason we will always work with you to provide training in your own sandboxes using realistic process driven scenarios based on ‘a day in the life of…’. Of course one of the great things about doing it in copies of your production environment is that your End Users can follow the processes, but also ‘click around’ and ask questions without fear of ‘breaking it.


‘How To’ Workshops

The great news is that Salesforce isn’t a difficult or challenging platform to learn how to use. You can pretty much login and start clicking around. However, there is certainly a best practice way to use it and that is where Salesforce training can help. Knowing all of those little shortcuts that will make your End Users overall experience better and more productive. Every attendee will get useful materials to take away at the end of training to review in their own time.

Do you have end users who build reports and dashboards? Did you know there is always more than one way to do something in Salesforce? That information is useful when it comes to building functional reports and dashboards. A one-day ‘How to maximise your data in reports and dashboards workshop’ may just be the help you are looking for.


Accidental Admin

Are you an Accidental Admin or have found yourself taking on the role of System Administrator on top of your normal day to day role? Why not invest in some 1-1 training? This is where a member of the training team can work with you to identify those areas for improvement. We will also give tips and advice and help you understand how Salesforce works and get more from it.

Our Salesforce training team includes Salesforce certified instructors who can help you with focussed training on specific areas to help you build up the skills and confidence you need to succeed.




Cloud Galacticos – Your Salesforce Training Partner

We work with you to fully understand your Salesforce instance, including the business processes behind it and the people using it. As a result we will be able to develop a training package that is bespoke for your organisation. We will help your team understand what we are asking them to do and importantly the ‘Why’ as a business they are being asked to do it.

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