Salesforce for Fintech

Companies in the fintech space want to scale rapidly and deliver results to their customers which is why so many choose Salesforce.

Companies in the Fintech space want to scale rapidly and deliver results to their customers. They also deal with a large quantity of highly sensitive customer data, which is why so many choose to get peace of mind by implementing Salesforce. We understand the best practices in implementing Salesforce for Fintech as we have helped organisations such as payment providers, lenders and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Those that want an experienced team to help them deliver quickly choose Cloud Galacticos. We have wide experience in delivering Salesforce for Fintech organisations, helping them rapidly deploy and scale the platform to meet the needs of their customers as they grow.

Other Industries

Healthcare & Life sciences

The healthcare and life sciences industry is one of the world’s fastest changing, and with the biggest impact on transforming people’s lives.

Finance Services

Financial services are an increasingly influential sector of the modern economy, hence Salesforce is at the forefront of helping it move forward.