Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the world’s leading CRM designed to help your sales team close more deals faster, wherever they are. Your sales team can manage the entire sales cycle simply and effectively in a single, cloud based system. Enable your sales team to take new leads, turn them into opportunities, win deals, and get deeper insights into their data seamlessly.


Account and Contact Management

Account and Contact ManagementSalesforce Sales Cloud makes it easy for your team to have a single store of all account and contact information. They can customise this information to ensure the data they need is both accurate and available when needed.

It also has powerful inbuilt actions to enable you to communicate with your contacts direct. Whether it’s from the CRM or integrations from your mailbox, your sales team will be able to ensure that everything is tracked simply and effectively saving hours of time and data entry. 





Campaigns, Leads and Opportunity Management

Campaigns, Leads and Opportunity ManagementThe goals of a sales team is to identify leads and close opportunities – the bread and butter of the Salesforce Sales Cloud system.

Work with your marketing team to craft campaigns, identify leads and nurture them qualified opportunities. Then using the rich activity timeline, intuitive sales processes, and custom process automation, your sales team can ensure that activity is logged and deals are closed faster.




Forecasting and Reporting

Forecasting and ReportingWith a powerful forecasting and reporting engine, Salesforce Sales Cloud can help your sales operations and sales management a breeze.

Put simply – if it is in Salesforce, you can report on it. Gain deep insights into your data to make better decisions and improve the understanding of your business.

And if you need to extend this further, you can use Salesforce Einstein for Sales to help you gain deeper insights driven by machine learning. 




Mobile First

Mobile FirstYour sales team need to have all their information on the go. This includes contact information, reports, tasks and so much more. Salesforce Sales Cloud has a single unified mobile app for iOS and Android. This allows your team to close deals and collaborate wherever they are.

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