Become a Galactico

Galactico (noun) : an exceptionally skilled and celebrated soccer player; a superstar; someone from another galaxy.

At Cloud Galacticos, we have a team of Salesforce Superstars, community leaders, speakers, and MVPs who are 100% focussed on delivering the best solutions for our customers. This is at the core of our beliefs. We are Galacticos HEROES:

Cloud Galacticos Team Photo
  • H

    onest – with each other and with our clients, even if it means saying ‘no’ to work
  • E

    xpert – we are Salesforce experts with an average of over 9 years of experience in delivering Salesforce solutions, but we are always learning more!
  • R

    espectful – our team are not resources, they are people. Family, health, and hobbies are all very important to us
  • 0

    wners – we each take ownership of projects and challenges so each Galactico can make quick decisions and take the best action for our clients
  • E

    njoy – we work hard, smile, and have fun, both with each other and with clients. 50% of work comes from referrals and we want people to enjoy working with us
  • S

    alesforce – we are proud Salesforce geeks, every project we do has Salesforce at the heart, just like us..

If you think you’re ready to become a Galactico, fill out the form below and let us know. Or if you would like to meet for a coffee with one of our team, look at where we are based and arrange a coffee – on us!

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