Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Many organisations will need to deliver services to their customers or users in the field. Whether it’s installing an electric charging point, performing an audit of a farm, or delivering health services at home, Salesforce Field Service Lightning can help your team in the field manage their work more efficiently and collaborate seamlessly with your back office staff. At Cloud Galacticos, our team of highly experienced Salesforce consultants can help you change the way you deliver services in the field.

Smart Prioritisation and Assignment

Smart Prioritisation and AssignmentEnsure you have the right person undertaking the job with intelligent job assignment based upon location and skills to reduce travelling time and help improve customer satisfaction.







Mobile First

Mobile FirstThe Salesforce Field Service Lightning Mobile App ensures that your team can work with all the information they need on the go.

Not only can you include checklists, guided workflows and knowledge articles, your team can synchronize the data to their device which allows them to operate even when mobile signal is not available.





Extend With Apps

Extend With AppsThe Salesforce Field Service Lightning is built on top of the Salesforce platform. This means not only can our team of highly skilled Salesforce consultants help you get Salesforce Field Service Lightning deployed, but they know the best ways of extending the solution to help you maximise both return on investment and user adoption. 







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