#WomenInTech- Tip of the Week #553

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Welcome to Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #553


Tip 1 – #WomenInTech

Salesforce UK&I CEO Zahra Bahrololoumi has recently written a great article on #womenintech for techUK: “How businesses can harness tech’s transformative power to deliver diversity

The #UK is failing to address the shortage of #WomenInTech, especially in #cloud computing, #engineering, #DataScience and #AI.

I wrote this article for techUK to share how we can change that






Tip 2 – NFT-based Loyalty Program

Thanks to Cyril Louis for this tip: “I recently shared my vision on the renaming of Salesforce NFT Cloud into Salesforce Web3 ; anticipating possible use cases such as blockchain-based loyalty program…

And look at this: Ryan Wyatt President of Polygon Labs announced a partnership with Salesforce to launch an NFT-based loyalty program built on the Polygon layer 2 blockchain network







Tip 3 – World Tour New York

Next Thursday 4th May, the Salesforce World Tour touches down in New York City!

More ways to learn, more inspiring speakers, and more ways to put your customers at the center of everything you do. Plus, one epic concert and a lot of fun.

The future of business is CRM + Data + AI. Discover it at a World Tour unlike any other





Tip 4 – Throwback #500 (pt2)

If you’re new to the Salesforce ecosystem, welcome! I hope you are finding this industry fun and exciting. Whilst routes into the ecosystem are fairly standard (E.g. Entry-level Admin, Developer, or Consultant), as you become more senior, you will no doubt need to specialise in a certain field, whether that is a niche role, product, or industry. 

My advice is to pay attention to the aspects of your role you enjoy. Find out what tasks you find fun, and what elements of your job you want to focus on. The opportunities available in the Salesforce ecosystem are endless, and by focussing on what you actually enjoy, you can ensure you have a long and happy career.

Ben McCarthy, aka SalesforceBen



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