Salesforce Configuration

One of the best features of Salesforce are the powerful and versatile configuration tools. From formula fields to Salesforce Flow, our team of experts will help you to use your Salesforce more effectively and efficiently.


Process Automation

Process AutomationOne of the easiest ways to improve efficiency in an organisation is to reduce the amount of manual work that your team has to perform. Salesforce has a variety of process automation tools to help you streamline your work and stop manual mistakes from occurring.

Our team of Salesforce consultants can help you improve your data capture and management. Whether it’s a background process, required approval, or simple data entry wizard.






What is the point in having data if you can’t report on it? Salesforce reports and dashboards are a powerful out of the box tool. It is designed to help you report on any data within your system. With all this information and knowledge at your fingertips, our team can help you get the numbers and metrics you need to help you run and grow your business. And when you start to need big data analytics or AI, we can help you transition to Tableau CRM as well (formerly Einstein Analytics).



SecurityTrust is Salesforce’s number one priority. You need to ensure you do your part in keeping your data safe and secure. This ensure you can meet regulatory requirements like the GDPR.

Also, it will improve the overall health and performance of your system. 






Salesforce Configuration and Cloud Galacticos

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