Cloud Nine and Salesforce Service Cloud

Cloud Nine approached Cloud Galacticos to help them accelerate their customer relationship management journey with a focus on improving customer experience and streamlining processes, especially as their business is growing rapidly to meet demand.


Cloud Nine is a business specialising in hair electricals based in Harrogate. Founded in 2009 the hairstyling brand set out to become the epitome of luxury and innovation. With this philosophy, Cloud Nine has grown rapidly to become one of the most sought-after hairdressing brands, with an elite following. The winner of numerous awards for excellence, Cloud Nine represents the highest quality premium hair tools available on the market today.


As they have grown, Cloud Nine realised that they needed to be able to service, more efficiently, their customers at scale. As a premium brand known for excellence, they needed to ensure their customer care and support met their high standards. They set out on a program with the following aims:

  • To simplify and automate multi-channel customer care processes
  • To have a single source of customer information for key internal teams
  • Instantaneous access to up-to-date customer account, contact and order information
  • The ability to scale and meet the demand of their trading peaks
  • An integrated way to manage product registrations and warranties


Cloud Nine engaged Cloud Galacticos as their chosen Salesforce partner to help them deliver a Salesforce Service Cloud based solution to manage their customer interactions and support.

Cloud Galacticos delivered a solution which was integrated with their ecommerce and order management solutions to provide a single system of truth for all their customer data. The solution provided customer care agents with all the information required to answer any consumer queries quickly and accurately, whilst engaging in email conversations from a single platform.

So, when they went live just before Black Friday – their busiest time of year – it meant that they were able to deal with any enquiries from their customers with ease.

“It was a great comfort to us over such a busy and defining period for us that we were able to not only scale on the technology side, but that it made the jobs of the support teams much simpler” said Julian Casstles, COO of Cloud Nine. “The fact the team were now able to instantly connect enquiries, all with order and delivery information and have it related to the customer so they can help them more effectively has enabled us to deliver the high quality our customers have come to expect of us.”


Cloud Nine has gone from a set of challenging manual processes and multiple data sources to a single source of the truth for customer data. Transactional data is now synchronised so it is available to the agents as they need it. Most importantly, solid foundations have been laid and they have a solution that will scale and grow as they do.

Moreover, the solution was architected in a way which provides additional benefits such as the intelligence and insight they are getting from their data. “We can now get real time and accurate customer behaviour data from the system to help us make more informed decisions” says Sam Pettman, Business Process Director, “The fact we can get such information is going to be critical to us as a business going forward.”

Summarising how she felt working with Cloud Galacticos, Sam says “Cloud Galacticos have been fantastic to work with. The team is friendly and knowledgeable and have really helped to challenge us to deliver the best solution we can. We are already planning our next set of developments with them and look forward to a fantastic partnership going forwards.”

If you would like to find out how Cloud Galacticos can help you achieve the same success in Salesforce, contact us now.

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