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Salesforce reports and dashboards are fantastic for when you are getting started on the platform, but as your organisation grows and scales, it is likely you will have many datasets across platforms that you want to bring together for a single unified view. This is where Salesforce Tableau CRM (formerly Salesforce Einstein Analytics) can help you ask and answer complex questions about your data from a variety of sources.

You can bring data in from one or more Salesforce environments, plus external data sources such as Heroku, AWS, SAP and Google, transform that data into a single unified data set and you are ready to go. Build connected dashboards and analytics apps that allow you to understand how your data is connected and get insights from this.

Actions from Insights

AI for EveryoneOnce you have your dashboards and apps built, you can enhance them with rich functionality. This will enable you to take actions on records in Salesforce direct from Tableau CRM, allowing you to connect your data analytics insights to rapid actions.







Artificial Intelligence for Everyone

Action from InsightsWith large amounts of data at your disposal, you want to ensure that you are making best use of it and also utilising insights that may not be visible to a human across all this data.

Tableau CRM includes Einstein Discovery. It’s a democratised machine learning engine that will:

– Help you in creating and defining models to operate on your data.
– Deliver insights and recommendations that you can send to users in real time to assist them in their day to day roles.
– Provide service agents recommended actions and upsell suggestions for customer interactions.
– Help sales people see which accounts they should be targeting and with what products.
– Can operate on all the data you have in Tableau CRM so you can provide the most accurate assistance to your team.


Cloud Galacticos and Salesforce Tableau

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