Celebrating 20 years of Salesforce

27 May 2024
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Celebrating 20 years of Salesforce  

This month I reached a milestone, celebrating 20 years of working on the Salesforce platform. Back then everything we needed fitted into a slim ‘Salesforce for Dummies’ book.

We were limited to clicks, because there was no Apex code or Visualforce.

Everything was ‘Classic’ before we knew there was going to be a thing called ‘Lightning’. And the Appexchange was just born.

I started my learning journey with a few years of Admin trial and error, then moved to blogs and the Dummies book. I took a risk and went to a test centre in Sheffield to take my ‘Salesforce.com Certified Administrator – Winter ’09’ and ‘Salesforce.com Certified Consultant – Winter ’09’ exams in January 2009, and it started me on a path that would take me up to 17 Certs (4 of which are now so old as to have been retired!).

I attended the original Salesforce User Group in London (which in those days was run by Salesforce employees), and attended the annual CloudForce event (it was renamed a few times before now being called the World Tour London).

Things started to get serious when I set up a new User Group in Manchester (which recently celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary), and I started to attend and speak at Dreamforce in San Francisco each year.

But life moves on, and Salesforce has definitely moved on! It’s important to keep up with new releases, new Products & acquisitions, and new Apps. It’s also important (for older Orgs especially) to know why we are where we are…

  • Why do we sometimes have to move back to Classic?
  • What is that S-control?
  • Should we maintain a Workflow?

Looking backwards as well as forwards enables us to set up and manage an Org in the best possible way.

To celebrate 20 years, myself and Cloud Galacticos will be at the following events:

Thursday, June 13

Salesforce User Group


Friday, July 19

London’s Calling


Thursday, June 6

World Tour London


Drop me a line if you are going and we can catch up!

Also let me take this opportunity to introduce the new Management Team at Cloud Galacticos:

Group CEO

Pankaj Gupta


Group CTO

Vikram Salwan

Group VP

Vipul Sharma

Group Head, Business &Staffing

Jitendra Mishra

I will be here to support them and the business for the foreseeable future.

And finally, remember we have some great people ready NOW to work on projects, whether you need Fixed Scope projects, Managed Services, or Staff Augmentation

 www.nvdigital.uk | www.cloudgalacticos.co.uk

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