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Meet the New Team!

We are very excited to announce the new team at Cloud Galacticos:

#321 Yeur Dreamin’ Tickets, DF18 Dev Sessions and Summer 19 Logo

Tip 3 – Amsterdam in June?  It’s great to see tickets available well in advance for events, so we can all...

#320 London’s Calling Tickets and Einstein Analytics

Tip 1 – London’s Calling  Super early bird tickets are already sold out, and it was only announced this week! Get your...

#319 Lightning Usage App and DF18 Admin Session Videos

Tip 1 – Lightning Usage App Not an Appexchange App, but an App that now exists in your Org already…click on...

#318 Display Density Settings and Lightning Object Creator

Tip 1 – Display Density If you are using Lightning, have you taken a look at this yet from Winter ?...

#317 InspireEast and Apple & Salesforce Partnership

Tip 1 – Go East   Today myself, Rhiannon, and Paul, will be presenting sessions at InspireEast in Cambridge. Last...

#316 DF18 Trailhead Badge and Non Profit Hackathon India

Tip 1 – Special Trailmix   Complete this Trailmix by October 31st and receive a special Admin Trailblazer Community Badge. It’s all about...

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