Dreamforce 2021: What we are looking forward to

If you’re part of the Salesforce eco-system, Dreamforce needs no introduction. But if you’re not, then Dreamforce is a ‘global family reunion for all [Salesforce] stakeholders… where we share innovation, customer success, and thought leadership.’ The event returns next week, Tuesday 21st to Thursday 23rd September 2021.



Salesforce Plus

This year Dreamforce 2021 will be in-person in San Francisco (invite-only), and streamed free online via the all-new Salesforce+. Expect over 100+ hours of original content spread across four channels, covering every role, industry, and topic.


Dreamforce 2021 Highlights

As with previous Dreamforce event, there’s plenty for Trailblazers to keep busy over the three days. Expect over 100+ hours of original content spread across four channels, covering every role, industry, and topic. Here are some of the highlights from Dreamforce 2021 that some of us at Cloud Galacticos are looking forward to:


Ben Duong, Marketing Manager

It’d be strange this year being virtual (unless you got an invite for the in-person event in San Francisco), but glad that more people can experience it. For me the keynote with Marc Benioff is always a highlight. It’s a good pep talk and you get the latest updates from the man himself. The special guests are always a nice surprise.

I will miss the buzz of being in San Francisco, but the show must go on. Fingers crossed again for Dreamforce 2022!


Paul Battisson, COO

Hearing more about the Slack acquisition and the vision for how it will enhance what you can already do on the platform. Salesforce has made a big investment by purchasing Slack and I’m sure they will have a ton of ideas on how to make the most out of combining the two.

The other thing for me is always the developer information – what new tech will we get to see and play with? I’m expecting Salesforce Functions/Evergreen will feature heavily, but the session being called “Innovation from Anywhere with Salesforce Developers” makes me hope there is some new announcement about Salesforce Code Builder.”


Phil Walton, CEO

It is good to see that despite the much reduced amount of content at this virtual DF, there is still room for ‘True to the Core’. It is great to see the new stuff, the hype of new tools, clouds, things being launched ‘soon’…but for many of us there are also tweaks and improvements to existing features, and that is what is given the much needed TLC here.

Another session I will keep an eye out for is ‘Tapping into the Gold Medal Mindset’ on Day 3. I am totally guessing here, but with Salesforce’s partnership with TeamGB, I am hoping maybe we can get to hear from some of the heroes of the Olympics and Paralympics, and hear more about the partnership.  See info about the partnership here...”


Dreamforce 2021 Sign Up

Don’t forget to sign up – it’s free! And keep tabs on the latest updates on Twitter via #DF21.

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