Salesforce Spring '22 Release Highlights

Salesforce Spring ’22 Release Highlights

The Salesforce Spring ‘22 Release went live last month. As usual there were hundreds of new products and features to get excited about. So we asked some of our team members what were their highlights from the Salesforce Spring ‘22 Release.


Enzo Denti, Salesforce Architect 

Enzo Denti, Cloud Galacticos

Multilingual Einstein Bots

I really like this new feature that enables your company to reach out to a larger audience by making it simpler to communicate with you… in their own language.

When I was at Uni in Italy the teacher told us “Computer Science speaks English” and yeah he was right. There are computer terms that you cannot translate. For me, since English is not my first language I always had to catch up to understand. Instead, it’s great how Salesforce is solving this for your customer and providing an easier and more inclusive way for them to get the support they need.


Relevant Links:

Multilingual Einstein Bot – Spring 22 Release Feature

Reach More Audiences with Multiple Language Einstein Bots


UI Test Automation Model

I come from a Developer background and in time I learned to appreciate good, robust automated tests. 

I always loved the testing requirements for Apex, not seeing them as a chore to cover the code and make my code deploy, but as insurance that my code was behaving as expected, despite changes. Since the introduction of the Aura component the developer community was asking for a testing tool for the new dynamic UIs.
Finally, it’s here native in Salesforce, the ability to test thoroughly your UI and avoid the boring and repetitive manual testing.

It is flexible as well since it’s agnostic of the application under test and leaves it to you to decide what test runner to use, what ask more, it’s powerful and flexible.

Relevant link:

Write More Robust UI Tests with UTAM


Nkosi Ncube, Developer

Einstein for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organisations generally operate on a low budget and mostly rely on donations and giving the fundraisers tools to efficiently predict donor behaviour makes for efficient fundraising.

Einstein for Nonprofit is the new AI based product designed specifically for Nonprofit cloud, unfortunately not free but at a lesser cost than other AI products, its core component is Einstein Prediction Builder

This product gives non-profits the power to analyse and understand donor behaviour and predict future donor engagement and all this is out of the box.

Linking of CRM data to accounting systems is also enabled to link up finance departments and other teams.

Prerequisites for installing Einstein for Nonprofits

  • MyDomain enabled and deployed in your org.
  • Salesforce Data Privacy and Protection enabled. This setting is enabled by default for your org.
  • A license for SFDO Insights Einstein for Nonprofits with a current start date. You can install Einstein for Nonprofits if the start date is in the future, but you won’t be able to use the app until the date that the license is active. If your license expires, you receive an error message.
  • NPSP Recuring Donations configured for your org.
  • Einstein Prediction Builder enabled for your org.

Relevant link:

Before You Install Einstein for Nonprofits


Mark Jones, Salesforce Consultant

Mark Jones, Cloud Galacticos

Set the Order for Your Record-Triggered Flows

Admins can now set the Order of Execution for their Record-Triggered Flows. This feature is something that has been in high demand for quite some time. It’s great to see it finally come to be. All you need to do to be able to set the order is add a number between 1 and 2,00 in the Advanced Settings of your Record-Triggered Flow and you’re set. Do bear in mind that Flows with a Trigger Order of 1 – 1,000 will run first, followed by Flows without a number, followed by Flows with a Trigger Order between 1,001 and 2,000.

This feature makes it easier than ever to create multiple Record-Triggered Flows on a singular object. On top of that as a bonus highlight, you can see the order of all of your Record-Triggered Flows in the new Flow Trigger Explorer. Flow Trigger Explorer groups your Flows into Fast-Field Updates, Actions and Related Records and Flows that Run Asynchronously, giving you a great means of viewing how your and when your Flows will run.

Relevant Links
Define the Run Order of Record-Triggered Flows for an Object
Visualize All Your Record-Triggered Flows in One Place with Flow Trigger Explorer


Migrate Your Workflow Rules into Flow

When Salesforce initially announced the plans to retire Workflow Rules and Process Builder, one of the things a number of Admins that I have personally spoken to were concerned about was how they move their older pieces of declarative automation into Flow? This is where Salesforce’s automation migration tools come into play. Now you can migrate your existing Workflow Rules into Flow with an easy-to-navigate wizard that will intelligently create the right Record-Triggered Flow based on the Workflow Rule that you’re migrating. It’s a tool that does the job it is designed to do very well. However, I would recommend reviewing your Workflow Rules before making any decisions on which ones to migrate.

I’d also recommend reading the release notes as the tool can’t migrate all Workflow Rules at this time. Although updates are due to be made to resolve that. If you have Workflow Rules that can be copied into Flow like-for-like, this is a tool that will help you do that. FYI, a migration tool for Process Builder is slated for a future release.

Relevant Link:

Convert Workflow Rules to Flows with the Migrate to Flow Tool (Beta)


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Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Winter 22 Logo and Trailhead Go – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #446

Tip 1 – Winter ’22 Logo

TODAY is the last day to vote for the Winter ’22 logo, click here and complete the form to vote. Thanks to Jean-Michel for flagging this, I nearly missed it!

Tip 2 – Trailhead Go

It has been a long time coming…but now you can access and collaborate in the Trailblazer Community in the Trailhead Go mobile app.

Read the full announcement here. “Access Community Groups, posts, likes, comments, user following and more. You can network, collaborate, and connect with the global Trailblazer Community from anywhere, straight from your mobile device”

Final Tip – Sign up

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Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Salesforce Meetings & Maintenance Exams – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #445

Tip 1 – Salesforce Meetings

The Founder and CEO of Slack this week tweeted how much he enjoyed the “Salesforce updates includes sales info overlay for Zoom meetings!”. This is all a part of the new ‘Salesforce Meetings’ functionality which is now available. TechCrunch states that, amongst other things “Salesforce Meetings gives an overlay of information, whether it’s advice to slow down the pace of your speech or information about the person speaking. It also can compile action items and present a To Do list to participants at the end of each meeting to make sure that tasks don’t fall through the cracks.”

Credit here to TechCrunch –

Tip 2 – Maintenance time

Don’t blame the messenger…but if you have not done this already you will want to make sure you complete your Spring ’20 maintenance modules. Deadline is April 9th, 2021. See here for the full breakdown. If in doubt, make sure you are signed into Trailhead, click each relevant Cert on the list and check they show as ‘Completed’. Better safe than sorry.

Final Tip – Sign up

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Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Optimizer App and London’s Calling – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #443

Tip 1 – Optimizer

A great way to review your Org, and get suggestions on areas for improvement, is by using Salesforce Optimizer. The report has been around for a while, but soon to be disabled in June as the App is more interactive. Nothing to instal, just search ‘Optimizer’ in Setup and click ‘Open Optimizer’ to reveal a list of suggestions and estimates. Turns out I have lots of unused Fields, and Reports I have never run!

From the Salesforce Help docs…

The Salesforce Optimizer app analyzes more features than the existing PDF report and in a more interactive and actionable format. Quickly identify issues that require immediate attention by using the sortable list view. Read through expert Salesforce recommendations to plan next steps.

Consider running Salesforce Optimizer as part of your monthly maintenance, before installing a new app, before each Salesforce release, or at least once a quarter. You can run the report as often as you want to keep on top of maintenance activities. You can set the App to run automatically on a monthly basis.

Tip 2 – London’s Calling you Now! 

LC2021 is just kicking off. We are happy to be sponsoring today, as we have for every LC event! There is always great content, so it is THE best UK Salesforce event in my opinion. I am looking forward to:

Lawrence Newcombe’s session ‘Ready, Set, Architect’ at 10.45am,

Leslie Gestautas’s session on migrating data at 3.30pm,

and of course our very own Paul Battisson’s session ‘Improving the performance of your Apex Code‘ at 2.45pm.

I am sure the sessions will be available on YouTube in the coming weeks, but it is always good to block out a chunk of learning time all in one go at an event like this.

Keep an eye out for our new animated video & tell me what you think!

Tip 3 – Sign up

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Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Sandbox Status Bingo – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #434

Sandbox Status Bingo

Need a party game for your next Zoom meeting? Try ‘Sandbox Status Bingo’! Ok my elevator pitch may need some work…but I found this resource today, I never knew there were so many different Sandbox Statuses. So how many can you cross off the list?


Sandbox Statuses

Sampling The copy engine is determining which object records are sampled and copied from the production org. This status is used only by Partial Copy sandboxes.
Pending The sandbox is in the queue to be processed by the copy engine. If other sandbox copy requests were made before yours, your sandbox could remain in this state for an extended period of time.
Processing The copy engine has picked up the copy request and is working to build the sandbox.
Suspended The copy engine was interrupted while refreshing or creating the sandbox. The copy engine automatically recovers from this state and returns to processing. If this status remains unchanged for more than one hour, contact Salesforce Customer Support.
Stopped The copy engine couldn’t recover from multiple events. If your sandbox is in this state, contact Salesforce Customer Support for specific details and next steps. Salesforce is notified automatically of sandboxes in this state so we can resolve the issues.
Pending Activation The copy engine created the sandbox and is waiting for you to activate or discard it.
Activating The copy engine is completing the final steps to make your new sandbox available.
Discarding The copy engine is marking the refreshed sandbox for deletion, because you clicked Discard. The current sandbox and your production org aren’t affected by this process.
Completed The copy engine has completed the creating or refreshing the sandbox, and the new sandbox is active. You can log in to your new sandbox org.
Deleting The copy engine is marking the sandbox environment and all sandbox history for deletion. This status is used after you click Delete. This process doesn’t affect your production org.
Locking A background process is locking the sandbox. See the Locked status for more details.
Locked You can’t log into this sandbox because you let some or all your sandbox licenses expire.

Contact your account manager to restore the expired licenses. You have 60 days to restore the licenses. If the licenses aren’t restored within 60 days, your sandbox is deleted.

(EDO)Everybody’s Demo Org

I used this for the first time this week. It is new Interactive Demo org with data and further functionality where you can “view multiple employee experiences including Sales, Service, Marketing and more!” It also has a Twilio Lightning Dialer feature, to make and receive calls in the Org. Sign up for one here.

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

MVP nominations & Dreamforce updates – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #425

Salesforce MVP Nominations

The annual window for nominating your favourite Salesforce community heroes is now open (until December 1st). The MVP award is given for Expertise, Leadership, and Generosity. Read the full blog post here. It is a great way for all of us to recognise and reward those that have helped us and helped others. Maybe it is someone that answered one of your questions on the Answers forum or Stack exchange, or someone who organises your local User Group Community events? It may even be a Salesforce blogger (don’t worry, you dont need to nominate me), podcaster, or author of Salesforce book. The important thing is, these are all people who volunteer their time, to help the people around them.

It has been noted that this year’s process may be a bit different to previous years. Some people will have found themselves with much less time to focus on Community work, where as others may have found they had lots of free time available and in fact benefitted more from giving back whilst they had the chance. Either way, I think helping is helping! The process always looks at contribution over a decent length of time. So feel free to nominate someone even if they haven’t managed exactly the same as previous years. Note the form does seem to get longer every year, but I think it is worth setting aside some time to do this.

MVP Nominations

In other news…

Master Detail reparenting

Something I noticed this week and thought I would share…By default, records can’t be reparented in master-detail relationships. Administrators can, however, allow child records in master-detail relationships on custom objects to be reparented to different parent records by selecting the Allow reparenting option in the master-detail relationship



More rebranding of the Clouds this week, with Salesforce CPQ being renamed ‘Revenue Cloud’.

Dreamforce To You updates

Details of ‘Dreamforce To You’ are starting to be announced, including personalized meetings, the Keynote with Marc Benioff and friends (Dec 2nd), and a virtual TDX (Dec 14-17th). Sign up and keep an eye on this site for more details as they are announced.

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Trailhead Go – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #420

This week’s top tip is the release of the Android version of Trailhead Go.

Finally there is an Android version of the Trailhead App, so you can learn whilst you are commuting (no, WFH), maybe whilst you are killing time at the airport (2019 only), well…maybe whilst your laptop is rebooting!?

Trailhead Go for Android

Trailhead Go

In other news…

Tableau CRM

This week it was announced that Einstein Analytics will become Tableau CRM. Here is a thorough article that covers the news from this week’s Tableau conference. “Tableau CRM will provide an integrated analytics and AI experience within Salesforce’s CRM workflow and be a key part of Salesforce Customer 360”.

Rumours are that there is more rebranding to come…

Take a Break!

Thanks to Ben Duong our Head of Marketing, who shared this article within the Galacticos team this week. We have all been doing our best to keep in contact with each other, both for getting work done, but also keeping our friendly work relationships going strong. But there is always more that can be done, and this article gives some good pointers, which after 6 months may have gotten left behind a bit.

We have a weekly ‘Coffee break call’, where we all jump on a Zoom chat, cameras on, and talking about everything EXCEPT Salesforce! In 6 months of Covid, we have probably missed dozens of chances to catch up in person and just chat. Community events, after meetings, travelling between meetings, lunches, curry nights…so it is good to try to fill that gap, even just a little bit.


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Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

New Marketing Cloud and Tableau Features – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #409

Salesforce announced a set of new features this week for Marketing Cloud, Tableau and Pardot to help marketers with enhanced AI and analytics.

Evergage is now Interaction Studio

Evergage, which Salesforce purchased earlier this year, is now rebranded and integrated as Interaction Studio. This replaces the previous Interaction Studio tool within Marketing Cloud with a greater breadth and depth of features.  Some of the new features include:

  • Einstein Personalization Recipes: Enabling marketers to build and manage AI-powered recommendations to deliver the most appropriate and relevant content and products for each customer based upon their characteristics and affinities in real-time.
  • Einstein Personalization Decisions: An enhanced continuous learning algorithm that brings together a broad range of data about each web visitor to suggest an appropriate next best action, offer, or experience across all channels instead of relying upon rules alone.
  • A/B/n Testing: Allow a broader range of A/B tests against a number of different experiences on multiple channels and enabling you to measure results across revenue, click-throughs, conversions and average order value.

Evergage is now Salesforce Interaction Studio

New Pardot Enterprise Features

Pardot Enterprise has been updated to include 4 new key features for Account Based Marketing:

  • B2B Marketing Analytics Plus: Quickly sift through data from multiple first and third-party sources using AI to help marketers understand which Pardot campaigns performed best, why they performed in a particular way, and predict how campaigns will perform in the future.
  • Einstein Attribution: Using AI-based marketing attribution analysis within reports and dashboards to more accurately assign revenue credit throughout the customer journey.
  • Pardot Business Units: Manage multiple corporate and regional campaigns across brands, geographies and defined segments whilst still having a single global view.
  • Developer Sandboxes for Pardot: Admins and developers can now use sandboxes to test, audit and configure in an isolated environment.

Updates to Pardot

Datorama Data in Tableau

Finally, a new Datorama integration for Tableau is available to help marketers optimise how they are using their budget. There are a series of features including:

  • Automated Marketing Data Integration: Point and click based integration for over 150 marketing and media API connectors and dynamic marketing data modelling
  • Real-Time Marketing Insights: Simple and intuitive views of spend, performance, and business outcome data in Datorama
  • Marketing Data Exploration: Use of Tableau’s self-service data exploration, analysis, and visualization tools for deeper analysis

Tableau Updates

In other news…

Salesforce and AWS announce Service Cloud Voice

Salesforce and AWS announced this week the launch of Service Cloud Voice, an integration between AWS Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud that makes servicing across a number of digital channels much easier.

So long Einstein Voice

Salesforce have announced the termination of Einstein Voice Assistant, a fairly recent announcement. VentureBeat have a good writeup of the reasoning here which is worth a read.

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Salesforce Anywhere Beta – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #408

In tip of the week #406 I mentioned that one of the big announcements from TrailheaDX 2020 was Salesforce Anywhere, a new tool from Salesforce that brings together a number of new features onto your existing Salesforce to make collaboration and work together much easier. The beta trial for Salesforce Anywhere is now open and you can sign up here!

Salesforce Anywhere Beta Signup

I have heard that there has been a high demand for this limited beta, so don’t be too disappointed if you are not selected, but remember, you have to have a ticket to win the draw so sign up anyway. And if you do get accepted please let me know – I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences!

In other news…

TrailheaDX Global Gatherings

The listings for all the TrailheaDX Global Gatherings community events is now live! Visit this page to join one of 150+ Global Gatherings to see cool demos, network, and give back with local Trailblazers. Share the fun with #TrailblazingTogether.


Salesforce Maps – An Overview

Our COO, Paul Battisson, recently got Salesforce Maps accredited. Here is his blog which provides an overview of the product and its features.

Meet Salesforce Maps

Although Maps is a new member of the Salesforce family, the MapAnything product has been going for a long time. Salesforce purchased MapAnything in 2019 and have re-branded the application as Salesforce Maps. The key idea behind Salesforce Maps is visualising your data on a map to make it location aware. For example, say you wanted to know if you had any leads nearby if you had free time following a sales call. You can use maps to allow your sales team to visualise this data, which can also be augmented with external data sets to gain more insights.

Map based actions such as registering a lead and checking into meeting can be enabled by an administrator. These actions are location aware and can then use this data to create and update relevant data in Salesforce.

Salesforce Maps Lead Generation

Location based lead generation, taken from

Routing and Prioritisation

Another big use case is for routing and prioritisation. You can use Salesforce Maps to build an optimised route for sales and service team members out in the field. This can lead to greater efficiency for your teams as they spend less time on the road and more time with customers.

You can also prioritise the routing and scheduling based upon scores including from Salesforce Einstein and Salesforce Pardot. This helps teams focus on the highest value customers and leads. Scheduled events can then be synced to your calendar.

Salesforce Maps Routing

Routing on a map, taken from

The solution is mobile ready out of the box and has add-ons for features such as territory planning and live tracking.


The accreditation process is slightly different to a certification process as requires invitation and a non-proctored test must be passed. The training was a nice refresher of some features I had used before in MapAnything. It’s also a good way to learn about some newer tools as well. The tool has come a long way and has some great new features. If you would like to learn more about how your organisation could benefit from using Salesforce Maps, send us a note using the contact us form.



Cloud Galacticos is a Salesforce Consulting Partner with an all-star team. We are user and developer group leaders, bloggers, MVPs and all round Salesforce nerds. We have people all over the UK including London, Manchester, Leeds, Oxford, and Bristol.