dreamOle 2022

dreamOle 2022

dreamOle is a Salesforce ‘community-led conference across Spain, closing the gap and sharing equal opportunities across the territory.’ It’s also a great ‘opportunity to meet and connect with prominent members and influencers of the Spanish and European Salesforce community.’ And we’re proud to announce that our COO, Paul Battisson, will be flying out later this week to do a session at the event.


dreamOle: Paul’s Session

Paul’s session will be ‘10 Things Every Salesforce Consultant Can Learn From Jurassic Park.’

“I’m really looking forward to giving this talk as it’s less techie than many of those I give and is also a little more fun and tongue-in-cheek, although there is a serious message. Jurassic Park is a fantastic movie that a lot of people will remember and recognise, and hopefully I can make people smile whilst giving some good advice.”

dreamOle is also one of my favourite events. I am very fortunate to be good friends with a lot of the Spanish Ohana. The chance to catch up with them, enjoy a cerveza and chat Salesforce is too good to pass up!


dreamOle: Details

Friday 22nd April 2022

Madrid (Hotel NH Ventas), Spain

Sold Out







Get the latest news from their Twitter and website.

If you can’t make it to Madrid for dreamOle, Paul will also be doing a session at London’s Calling in June. 


About Cloud Galacticos 

Cloud Galacticos is a Salesforce consultancy with an all-star team of user and developer group leaders, bloggers, MVPs and all round Salesforce nerds. We have people all over the UK including Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, and London.

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Digital City Awards, Best Small Digital Company Finalist 2022

London’s Calling Platinum Sponsor 2022



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London’s Calling Speakers

Cloud Galacticos is proud to be one of only two Platinum Sponsors for this year’s London’s Calling event (alongside OwnBackUp). We’re also proud to have two of our team members as London’s Calling speakers.

London’s Calling is one of our favourite Salesforce related events. It’s also Europe’s largest community-led event for Salesforce professionals. And this year, it’s back as an in-person event in June.


London’s Calling Speaker: Paul Battisson 

London's Calling Speaker Paul BattissonOur COO Paul Battisson, will be one of two from Cloud Galacticos who will be a London’s Calling speaker. His session will be ‘Getting the Job – Tips and Tricks for Salesforce Interviews and Careers’.

My hope for the session is to help people who are looking for a new job or to improve their career with some practical tips about growing your career and nailing job interviews.”

This is my 5th time speaking at London’s Calling and it’s always such a great event. It will also be one of my first in-person events for a while so I’m excited to reconnect with the community face to face again after too long.

I’ll be spending a fair bit of time at the Cloud Galacticos Platinum Sponsor booth, so come by and say hi!

Paul will also be speaking at DreamOle, in Madrid, in April.


London’s Calling Speaker: Mark Jones

Mark Jones Cloud GalacticosThe second person from our team speaking at London’s Calling will be Mark Jones, a Salesforce Consultant. His session will be ‘Skills for Success: The Skills Every Admin Needs to Succeed in Their Career’.

This session will provide you with a high-level overview of the skills needed to succeed in the ecosystem as a Salesforce Administrator. You’ll get the chance to hear a little bit about each of the skills identified by Salesforce and be signposted to some really good resources related to each skill. If you’re a Salesforce Admin, or simply just want to understand the role a little more, then this session is for you.

I’m really looking forward to speaking at London’s Calling this year. This is one of the events that I’ve had on my wish list of events to speak at for a few years now. It’s great to finally be able to do it. I feel this topic is one that is so important to a very large portion of the ecosystem, so I’m really looking forward to being able to talk on this subject.”

Mark also spoke at Cactusforce in January. You can watch it again here. Mark will be heading to Prague in May to speak at CzechDreamin’ (same session as London’s Calling).


Event Details

London’s Calling will be held at The Brewery, in London on Friday 10th June. It will be an action packed day full of great sessions from great speakers, Demo Jam, and Keynote guests. It’s also a great chance to catch up with the Salesforce Ohana. Don’t forget to buy your ticket here.


About Cloud Galacticos 

Cloud Galacticos is a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner with an all-star team. We are user and developer group leaders, bloggers, MVPs and all round Salesforce nerds. Our Salesforce consultancy has people all over the UK including Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, and London.

So if you are looking for a Salesforce Gold partner with experience to help you make the most of your org, why not get in contact?


Digital City Awards, Best Small Digital Company Finalist 2022

London’s Calling Platinum Sponsor 2022


London’s Calling Platinum Sponsor 2022

The secret’s out. Cloud Galacticos is a London’s Calling Platinum Sponsor 2022. After sponsoring the event since its inception, we are very proud to step up this year as one of two Platinum Sponsors.


London’s Calling

We all know that London’s Calling is Europe’s largest community led event for Salesforce professionals. This year will be its 7th edition and will take place on Friday 10th June in London.

What makes London’s Calling so special is that it’s organised by an awesome team of Salesforce MVPs and trailblazers. Each year they help curate some great sessions across Admin, Architect, Developer, Marketing, and General sessions.

We’re expecting the event in June to be the largest yet. Though the team is still busy finalising the sessions, Demo Jam, key speakers, etc. We can not wait to see what’s instore.

Tickets went on sale last week and are selling well, so don’t miss out!


London's Calling Platinum Sponsor 2022

Platinum Sponsor 2022

Cloud Galacticos has sponsored and supported London’s Calling since it started in 2016. It’s been an exciting journey to experience its growth first-hand. So we’re happy to be London’s Calling Platinum Sponsor along with OwnBackUp.

We will have strong presence across the event. The main focus will be our large Platinum Sponsor booth space. So if you’re attending the event, don’t forget to pop by and say ‘hello’!


Cloud Galacticos and OwnBackUp


About Cloud Galacticos 

Cloud Galacticos is a Salesforce Consulting Partner with an all-star team. We are user and developer group leaders, bloggers, MVPs and all round Salesforce nerds. Our Salesforce consultancy has people all over the UK including Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, and London.

So if you are looking for a Salesforce Gold partner with experience to help you make the most of your org, why not get in contact?


Dreamforce 2021: What we are looking forward to

If you’re part of the Salesforce eco-system, Dreamforce needs no introduction. But if you’re not, then Dreamforce is a ‘global family reunion for all [Salesforce] stakeholders… where we share innovation, customer success, and thought leadership.’ The event returns next week, Tuesday 21st to Thursday 23rd September 2021.



Salesforce Plus

This year Dreamforce 2021 will be in-person in San Francisco (invite-only), and streamed free online via the all-new Salesforce+. Expect over 100+ hours of original content spread across four channels, covering every role, industry, and topic.


Dreamforce 2021 Highlights

As with previous Dreamforce event, there’s plenty for Trailblazers to keep busy over the three days. Expect over 100+ hours of original content spread across four channels, covering every role, industry, and topic. Here are some of the highlights from Dreamforce 2021 that some of us at Cloud Galacticos are looking forward to:


Ben Duong, Marketing Manager

It’d be strange this year being virtual (unless you got an invite for the in-person event in San Francisco), but glad that more people can experience it. For me the keynote with Marc Benioff is always a highlight. It’s a good pep talk and you get the latest updates from the man himself. The special guests are always a nice surprise.

I will miss the buzz of being in San Francisco, but the show must go on. Fingers crossed again for Dreamforce 2022!


Paul Battisson, COO

Hearing more about the Slack acquisition and the vision for how it will enhance what you can already do on the platform. Salesforce has made a big investment by purchasing Slack and I’m sure they will have a ton of ideas on how to make the most out of combining the two.

The other thing for me is always the developer information – what new tech will we get to see and play with? I’m expecting Salesforce Functions/Evergreen will feature heavily, but the session being called “Innovation from Anywhere with Salesforce Developers” makes me hope there is some new announcement about Salesforce Code Builder.”


Phil Walton, CEO

It is good to see that despite the much reduced amount of content at this virtual DF, there is still room for ‘True to the Core’. It is great to see the new stuff, the hype of new tools, clouds, things being launched ‘soon’…but for many of us there are also tweaks and improvements to existing features, and that is what is given the much needed TLC here.

Another session I will keep an eye out for is ‘Tapping into the Gold Medal Mindset’ on Day 3. I am totally guessing here, but with Salesforce’s partnership with TeamGB, I am hoping maybe we can get to hear from some of the heroes of the Olympics and Paralympics, and hear more about the partnership.  See info about the partnership here...”


Dreamforce 2021 Sign Up

Don’t forget to sign up – it’s free! And keep tabs on the latest updates on Twitter via #DF21.


Consultancy Dreamin is Here…

As the Salesforce trailblazer community continues to grow, the demand for events by ‘the people for the people’ is strong. And on Thursday 8th July 2021, Consultancy Dreamin will join an already awesome list of Salesforce community events. Normally these are location focussed such as London’s Calling, Singapore Dreamin, Down Under Dreamin, or Midwest Dreamin. Consultancy Dreamin will be 100% online and aimed at anyone who already is or wants to be a Salesforce Consultant.


Consultancy Dreamin

According to to the Consultancy Dreamin website: ’Every presentation will be tailored to help you understand more about this role, check out if consultancy is for you, how consultancy skills can benefit you in any Salesforce position and the importance in your day-to-day job , as well as plenty of tips and advice from experts about getting the most out of a career as a Salesforce Consultant.

As per other Dreamin events, it’ll be a jam-packed day from 10.30am to 7pm. It’d be filled with keynote speakers, sessions, panels, and a Demo Jam. The sessions will be divided into topics, here are some of our highlights to look out for:



Francis Pindar: ‘The Key ‘One-Pagers’ Every Consultant Should Use

Houssam Saoudy: ‘How Salesforce Admins Should Think About the Code?

Paul Battisson: 10 Things Every Salesforce Consultant Can Learn From Jurassic Park’ 

Consultancy Dreamin – Paul Battisson

“I love the idea of the event being focussed around consulting and less on the specific details of technology. As much as I love a deep dive into a specific tool, often the hardest problems we deal with day to day are those related to individuals and communication around the project. Hopefully this event can help everyone improve these skills to make delivering good outcomes easier.” Paul Battisson, Cloud Galacticos COO



Paul Harris: ‘10 Things You Might Not Expect From Being a Consultant’ 

Vanessa Grant: ‘How to Fake It and Make It in Your First Salesforce Business Analyst Role

Alastair Dinning: ‘How Making Beer Can Improve Your Salesforce Projects



Amy Oplinger: ‘Strategies From Seasoned Consultants for Dealing with Burnout

Jonathan Fox: ‘Optimising Your CV to Make the Top of the Pile

Bradley Rice: ‘Practice Makes Progress: How to Learn Consulting Skills in Any Position (Freelance)’ 



Barbara Clarkson: ‘Buying the Cow and Other Ways Salesforce Can Solve ANY Problem

Natasha Gilani: ‘Careers in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Ankush Agarwal: ‘Power of Salesforce Flows



Ashley Allen: ‘From Craigslist to Being a CEO Supermum

Med Reed: ‘Transition to Salesforce from the Military

Shobhit Aggarwal: ‘NonProfits During COVID19

Consultancy Dreamin Skills Panel – Luke, Olivia & Mieszko

In addition to the above, one of our Salesforce Consultants, Luke Menzfeld will be on the Skills Panel ‘Three key skills for consultant success‘:

Consultancy is a fantastic and engaging career path and i’m looking forward to the opportunity to share my thoughts regarding ‘Three Key Skills for Consultant Success’ on the skills speaker panel with Miesko Rozej & Olivia Omega. Sign up now and join the conversation in what is set to be a great event!” Luke Menzfeld, Salesforce Consultant, Cloud Galacticos


Get Your Consultancy Dreamin Tickets Now!

Now that you know more about Consultancy Dreamin and some of the great sessions on offer, why not get your tickets here?

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Split Views – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #452

Welcome to my Salesforce Tip of the Week #452


Tip 1 – Split Views on Lists

Doing the Spring ’21 Admin maintenance module, this is one thing I used straight afterwards in my Org, so I thought I should highlight it.  If you find yourself working through multiple records in a list use split view, so you can see a list view and a record side by side. It is just a button click away, and a click to change back to Table or Kanban.

Further information from Trailhead:

What’s new?

First, there was display as Table, then display as Kanban. Now there is Split View. View a record while still viewing a list. Split view is great for going through records in sequence or for quickly skimming through a set of records. The split view panel is collapsible for extra flexibility.

Why was this added?

Do you often find yourself working through multiple records in a list? With split view, you can see a list view and a record side by side. To move on to a new record, select it from the split view, and the new record opens with the list still in view. No more navigating back and forth between your list and your records. 

How does it work?

To access split view, select Split View from the Display as dropdown menu. If you select split view for an object, that object automatically loads in split view until you change its Display as view.


Tip 2 – Events

With the obvious lack of the big in-person learning events, Dreamin’ events are the best chance to block out a day to a wide range of Salesforce sessions. Keep an eye out for international events as well as ‘local’ ones, because getting out of bed 3 hours earlier/later, is a lot easier than a 5,000 mile commute! For example, take a look at Albania Dreamin (22nd May) and Czech Dreamin (10th June).

Tip 3 – ICYMI

The Galacticos COO Paul was recently interviewed by Josh Birk on the Salesforce Developer Podcast on “Weird Apex”. You can find the full recording here.


Final Tip of the Week – Sign up

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Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

TrailheaDX, Trails, and even Dreamforce – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #448

Tip 1 – TrailheaDX

June 23rd will be TrailheaDX, you can register now for free here. Originally a Developer focussed event, more recently it is aimed at the whole Salesforce audience…”Devs, admins, architects, partners, and IT leaders, join us as we gather globally with Trailblazers looking to expand their Salesforce skills”.

It is a 1 day virtual event, so don’t expect the same as the in-person events, but the agenda includes:

35 Product demos

27 Content Episodes

25 Expert led rooms

5 Broadcast channels

Tip 2 – SDGs

As part of our commitment to promoting sustainable development, I found this Trail very useful. Take a look at the sustainable development goals and see which you can help on. It’s everyone’s responsibility.

Tip 3 – Dreamforce!?

This week saw an article in The Business Journals quoting that Salesforce were ‘absolutely committed’ to holding an in-person Dreamforce this year, Sept 21st-24th. To say I am surprised is the understatement of the week!

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Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Data Recovery, Trailmix, New Community Event – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #444

Tip 1 – Data Recovery Returns

Phew, we can all relax and delete our live data now!! Well not quite, but having have to use this safety net once in my lifetime is enough to appreciate that it is back! Read more about it here.

The post says “Last year, we announced plans to end our Data Recovery Service. We arrived at this decision through several factors — most notably, the small number of customers actively using the service and availability of numerous third-party solutions.

However, you, the Salesforce community, correctly pointed out that Data Recovery Service’s value lies in its very existence and knowing that it’s there in the event of an emergency.”

There are great backup services available on the Appexchange, but if you dont have one of those and an emergency happens, this is your lifeline!

Note also a hint of a new/upgraded feature to come…

“…based on customer feedback, we are pleased to announce that we will pilot Salesforce backup and restore services built natively on the Platform this summer. We’ve co-designed these services with customers and we expect to deliver the performance, speed, and scale that you’ve come to expect from the Salesforce Platform while continuing to provide additional ways to innovate and extend these capabilities through our vibrant ecosystem.”

Tip 2 – New Trailmix

Complete this Spring ’21 Trailmix for Developers by March 31, to earn a special community badge, and enter to win prizes…and learn more about the release contents of course.

Tip 3 – Consultancy Dreamin’

This is a new Community run event, planned for June 2021, and the call for speakers is now open. The website explains “Consultancy Dreamin’ was created for anyone who already is or wants to be a Salesforce Consultant.” Count me in.

Tip 4 – New Video

We launched this at London’s Calling last week, hope you like it 🙂


Tip 5 – Sign up

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London’s Calling 2021 Review

As a UK Salesforce consultancy, we, Cloud Galacticos, are always proud to sponsor and support London’s Calling. This year’s event happened last Friday 19th March. And as always, the team behind the event did a great job. Here’s our quick review of London’s Calling 2021.


LDNsCall 2021 Sponsors Screen Grab



Firstly, we have to mention the new online events platform Attendify. It worked well as an online version of the ‘real thing’. Everything was organised in an appropriate manner and was easy to navigate. You could see which sessions were happening, check out the sponsors, and chat to other attendees. Overall, it really made the day run smoothly and a better experience than if it was all on Zoom.

“I was instantly impressed by the look and feel of the London’s Calling desktop platform. It was really easy to navigate and find my way around. I was able to see which sessions were live as well as being able to chat with other attendees in real time.” Ben Duong, Head of Marketing, Cloud Galacticos


London’s Calling 2021 Sessions

Paul Battisson’s Session London’s Calling 2021

As per previous years, there were plenty of awesome sessions to choose from. From the ‘Top 10 project risks’ to ‘getting connected in Salesforce Field Service’, and ‘implementing lightning message service’ to ‘using Salesforce to create happier workplaces’. Of course, we may be biased, but our COO at Cloud Galacticos, Paul Battisson’s session ‘Turn it up to 11 – Improving the Performance of Your Apex Code’ was pretty good..!

It was another great event from the team which had a jam packed line-up. From the speaker’s perspective it was a nice change being able to engage with the audience through the live chat during the session as they were all pre-recorded.

Often you are just looking at a room full of faces and unsure what people are thinking. With the chat function I was able to get more real time feedback on people’s thoughts as well as answer questions as they came up rather than waiting until the end.

The London’s Calling attendees were as engaged as ever and it definitely helped make the event feel far more connected.” Paul Battisson, COO, Cloud Galacticos


London’s Calling 2021 Demo Jam

The Demo Jam is always a highlight for us. We enjoy the fast paced nature and seeing our peers perform under pressure. This year’s demo jam was done live and online. There were demos from the likes of Gearset, Copado, Provar and Own Backup. The winner, chosen by the attendees, was Gearset.


Cloud Galacticos London’s Calling Sponsor Video

London’s Calling 2022

As we wrap up another great London’s Calling event, all eyes are on next year’s event. As great as this year’s event was online, the general consensus was that it’d be great to be able to meet in person again for 2022. The Salesforce Ohana are a social bunch, and we also enjoy being able to catch up with our trailblazer community – as well as meeting new people and making new friends. So fingers crossed all around!


Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Optimizer App and London’s Calling – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #443

Tip 1 – Optimizer

A great way to review your Org, and get suggestions on areas for improvement, is by using Salesforce Optimizer. The report has been around for a while, but soon to be disabled in June as the App is more interactive. Nothing to instal, just search ‘Optimizer’ in Setup and click ‘Open Optimizer’ to reveal a list of suggestions and estimates. Turns out I have lots of unused Fields, and Reports I have never run!

From the Salesforce Help docs…

The Salesforce Optimizer app analyzes more features than the existing PDF report and in a more interactive and actionable format. Quickly identify issues that require immediate attention by using the sortable list view. Read through expert Salesforce recommendations to plan next steps.

Consider running Salesforce Optimizer as part of your monthly maintenance, before installing a new app, before each Salesforce release, or at least once a quarter. You can run the report as often as you want to keep on top of maintenance activities. You can set the App to run automatically on a monthly basis.

Tip 2 – London’s Calling you Now! 

LC2021 is just kicking off. We are happy to be sponsoring today, as we have for every LC event! There is always great content, so it is THE best UK Salesforce event in my opinion. I am looking forward to:

Lawrence Newcombe’s session ‘Ready, Set, Architect’ at 10.45am,

Leslie Gestautas’s session on migrating data at 3.30pm,

and of course our very own Paul Battisson’s session ‘Improving the performance of your Apex Code‘ at 2.45pm.

I am sure the sessions will be available on YouTube in the coming weeks, but it is always good to block out a chunk of learning time all in one go at an event like this.

Keep an eye out for our new animated video & tell me what you think!

Tip 3 – Sign up

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