World Tour London Date – Phil’s Tip of the Week #494

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Welcome to my Salesforce Tip of the Week #494


Tip 1 – Happy Birthday

It feels like a lot has happened in 23 years! Congratulations to Salesforce and the Ohana!








Tip 2 – World Tour London Date

World Tour London Date

The World Tour London has been announced, or re-announced with a different date.

The new date is June 16th, unfortunately close to the other big Salesforce UK event of 2022 London’s Calling (June 10th).

I’m sure I will be at both, you?





Tip 3 – Book of the Week

Another of the books recommended by Bill Gates (this is probably one of the few similarities between the 2 of us!), was recently on my list too.

It is a fascinating read with some astounding facts and figures you just don’t seem to hear on the news.

Have a read of Factfulness!




Only SIX more Tip of the Weeks till I reach my #500th edition..!


Final Tip Of The Week – Sign Up

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