Winter 22 Maintenance Comments

By Val Southern

Are you ready for Winter ’22 maintenance?

As a Certified Application Architect, it’s important to keep up with the latest features. This helps to provide the best possible solutions for our customers. I’d already completed the Winter ‘22 Release Highlights badge. So rather than wait for the December deadline for maintaining my credentials, I thought I’d get it done now while it’s the current release. And fresh in my mind!

I’m relatively new to the Architect world. Hence I was a little worried that maintaining my credentials was going to be a long and arduous task – given the amount of study and number of certs that were required to get here. I was delighted to find that I could do this by completing just 3 badges:


Salesforce Certified Application Architect

I managed to do it all in 1 day and here’s a little summary of the required tasks for each badge.


winter '22 maintenance

For this maintenance module, the task focussed on granting access based on activated User sessions for permission set groups. We are asked to create 2 permission sets, then group them into a new permission set group.

Simple enough but good practice and reminded me to group together permissions typically used for a specific task and therefore needed together.



The task for this maintenance module focussed on using getInstance() in Apex to retrieve a custom metadata record, removing the need to write a SOQL query to do the same thing, making the code cleaner, faster and not subject to SOQL limits.

We are given an Apex class and instructed to update it to use getInstance() and remove code no longer needed. Whilst not spoon-feeding with instructions, the module contains enough resources to help find the correct way to use it (along with my own knowledge) to pass the task. I found it challenging enough without being too frustrating.


Salesforce Architect Certification Maintenance (Winter ’22) involved 2 modules. Each has a quiz about the key features to know about, covering each of the architect roles.

It’s a surprise that there were no hands-on tasks in this one but the content is still good to know!




Rather than waiting for the deadline in December, I recommend getting these done now for relevance.


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