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Welcome to the latest in our series of Meet the Galacticos blogs to learn more about our growing Cloud Galacticos team. Say ‘hello’ to Vetri, a Salesforce developer. We caught up with Vetri via Slack to ask him a few questions.


Vetri Manoharan, Salesforce Developer

Hi Vetri, can you give us a bit of background about yourself and your work history?

I started my career as a .net web developer.  I got a chance to work on Salesforce around ten months into my career. Working on Salesforce is awesome because of the configuration and low-code methodology. On my first deployment I didn’t know that we needed to write a unit test class – I was the only person with Salesforce experience…!  So I started learning things on my own.

My major career breakthrough in Salesforce was when I started working with Phil while I was at Dazeworks. I have worked with Phil and his team for almost 5 years before joining full-time with Cloud Galacticos. I recently got involved on various projects on Salesforce Field Service and CPQ – hoping to do my CPQ certification soon. 


What’s your story behind joining the Cloud Galacticos team?

I started working with Phil in 2015, I was part of various complex projects, even travelled to the UK for a project delivery. I always like the way things are handled at Cloud Galacticos and approached Phil around the start of 2021 to convey that I would like to join the team! My career recently was more into project management and leading the team, but I wanted to be on the development side of things. Also I wanted to be part of a team where I can learn and do things differently.


One of the main benefits with working at Cloud Galacticos is the remote working culture. This allows me to spend more time with my parents.


Vetri with Paul and Neel at India Dreaming

Vetri with Paul and Neel at India Dreaming


What is your role as a Salesforce Developer at Cloud Galacticos involve, and what do you enjoy about it?

My role here is more into Salesforce development – I really like to code! I’m also involved in projects writing APEX cods and have been part of the sprint planning and retrospectives in the projects.


Aside from Salesforce and working at Cloud Galacticos, what else do you enjoy doing?

I like to do yoga and meditation which I try and find time to do each day. Sport-wise, I like watching and playing cricket, and I enjoy trekking in the Himalayan mountains. If time allows, I would like to learn to play some musical instruments too 🙂


Cloud Galacticos is a remote working focussed company. What advice would you give people to make the most of working remotely and staying motivated?

I would say, don’t sit for hours, make sure you get up every hour and stretch yourself. Also, the pandemic has changed a lot of things, so spend time with your family and friends.



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