Team Member Gains Conga Composer Certification

Everyday is a school day at Cloud Galacticos. We like to encourage our team to keep on learning and developing their Salesforce skills, especially as we operate in a fast moving and dynamic environment. One of our most recent team members to gain a new certification is Nkosi, who passed his Conga Composer Certification. We caught up with him to find out more…


What Made You Decide to Take the Exam?

I did the Conga cert because I have been using Conga products for two of our clients, which involves contracts and Batch document generation so to validate my experience it made sense to do the certification.

What Was Involved?

The exam involved knowledge of the full suite of Conga products. From a Salesforce perspective knowledge of Advanced SOQL queries is essential. You also need to understand Microsoft Word and PowerPoint merge functions well.  The exam consists of 50 questions, 60 minutes long, and open book.  But don’t let it being open book fool you, there is no time to look up anything!

What are the Benefits of the Cert?

Conga is the leading document generation software it is likely to become a default option for document generation for most business given the current Covid-19 situation for contracts etc. I think becoming Conga Certified is a great way to demonstrate your expertise to your employer, earn recognition from your peers, and gain status as a respected member of Conga’s certified admin community.

Was it a Tough Exam?

Yes, it was. With it being a fairly new certification program there is not much material to use, so it’s either you know the product, experience, or read through the entire documentation.  The other issue about the exam is once you move to the next question you can’t go back to review the last question. So you have to get it right the first time and given you have approximately one minute per question, it doesn’t give you many options.  I passed it on the second attempt. The first attempt was to get the idea what the exam entails, however the questions change on each sitting.

What Does Passing the Cert Mean to you in Terms of Your Daily Work?

Most importantly, it means the clients have confidence in that I can deliver their requirements. I’m also currently working on Batch documentation requirement for a client which involves Conga Trigger, and Conga Merge, plus many other functions. 

Do You Have Any Other Certs You Plan to Take in the Future?

Yes, from the Conga University, the next one will be Contracts which I hope to take soon. While for Salesforce, I’m in the process of sitting the Salesforce Architecture exams as well as the NPSP cert.


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