Skills for Success

Skills for Success

Skills for Success is a new 14-part blog series. It ‘aims to help Salesforce Admins better understand and develop the skills needed to be successful in their role.’ One of the people behind it is our very own Mark Jones. He has worked with Juliette Warren, and hand-picked 14 awesome admins to contribute.


Skills for Success: #AwesomeAdmins

Launched at the end of April, Skills for Success will be spread over 12 weeks. It’s written by admins, for admins, who have real-world experience and knowledge.

Over the next 12 weeks, they will cover these 14 skills:

    1. Communication
    2. Problem Solving
    3. Attention to Detail
    4. Learner’s Mindset
    5. User Management
    6. Security Management
    7. Business Analysis
    8. Data Analysis
    9. Data Management
    10. Designer’s Mindset
    11. Change Management
    12. Process Automation
    13. Product Management
    14. Project Management


Story Behind Skills for Success

Mark came up with the idea for the Skills for Success blog series whilst watching an Admin Keynote at Dreamforce ’21. It was Rebecca Saar’s session on ‘The Future of Admin Success‘ that set the ball rolling.

“This discussion around skills really piqued my interest… I decided to reach out to different members of the Salesforce community.  [I invited] them to collaborate with me on a blog series that outlines what each skill is, why it’s important to the admin role, and how admins can learn and develop it.

It was through this process that I was fortunate enough to connect with Juliette Warren on the Admin Relations team at Salesforce who agreed to help bring the series to life on”


Blog Series

So every Tuesday for the next 12 weeks, they will releasing a new blog post that covers each of the 14 skills.

The first four are already available: Communication, Problem Solving, Attention to Detail, and Learner’s Mindset.

We really hope that you enjoy this series, and we would love to hear your plans for skill development throughout the next few months. Please share these posts on social media and get involved in the conversation using #AwesomeAdmin.

Ideally, we want to see this series reach every Salesforce Admin and help them continue their growth and development.

Get more info here.


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