Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification

The adoption of CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) has increased over the years as more companies realise its potential within CRM. And at Cloud Galacticos, we encourage our team to stay ahead of the curve. So we’re proud to confirm that our developers, Nkosi, has recently passed his Salesforce CPQ Specialist certification. We spoke to him to get his thoughts on his latest exam success.


What made you decide to take the Salesforce CPQ Specialist certification?

I took the exam because I had been introduced to CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) while on a contract with one of Cloud Galacticos clients. I then discovered that the current client uses CPQ extensively, so it made sense to get certified.


How did you approach the prep for your exam?

The approach was based mainly on building on the knowledge I gained when I looked at CPQ for a previous client.  I also did  CPQ superbadges and an Udemy course.


Was it a difficult exam? You have any tips for people thinking of doing this exam?

It’s probably one of the most difficult cert I have taken. It’s about 90% scenario based. You have to know Products, Pricing, Approval rules, Quotes, Contracts and obviously Universal Containers the company.


What does passing the Salesforce CPQ Specialist certification mean to you in terms of your daily work?

It means I can set up or overhaul the client’s CPQ instance, which unfortunately is currently not in good shape.


Do you have any other Salesforce certs you plan to take in the future?

Yes, I would like to take the Javascript Developer cert since I am on the systems architect path.


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