Highlights from Dreamforce 2021

As the dust settles on Dreamforce 2021, we take a quick look back at some of our highlights. The main change this year was that it was part in-person (in San Francisco) and part virtual (on Salesforce+). It’s a small step to getting back to ‘normal’ again after so many other events have been virtual only or simply cancelled or postponed.


Dreamforce 2021: Special Guests

As per previous events, Dreamforce delivered in terms of special guests. Jane Fonda spoke about ‘the movement to protect our oceans’. Will Smith was interviewed about his life and one of his personal causes, ‘Storytellers of Color’. While The Foo Fighters entertained attendees alongside some familiar faces…


Cloud Galacticos Dreamforce 2021 Highlights

Phil Walton, CEO

Our CEO, Phil Walton, did a ‘Dreamforce 2021 Special’ Tip of the Week with his highlights.

One: DF21 on Salesforce+

Two: Back it up

Three: Trillion Trees



Mark Jones, Salesforce Consultant

The first one that I want to highlight is Trailhead for Slack. I love Slack and Trailhead, so it is fantastic to see a way that brings both together.

My second highlight is a personal one (and maybe a little selfishly) is when a question I submitted for True to the Core was answered live. I’m a self-diagnosed Flownatic, and when the eventual retirement of Workflow Rules and Process Builder was announced at the recent Admin Preview as part of Release Readiness Live ‘for Winter 22 the first question I wanted to see get answered was when will this happen? 

You can get more thoughts from Mark and his highlights from Dreamforce 2021 here.


Luke Menzfeld, Salesforce Consultant

I enjoyed watching Dreamforce 2021 on Salesforce+. There’s definitely some cool things coming out of Dreamforce. In no particular order, I’d say: 1 – Slack First Analytics, 2 – Ask Data, 3 – Multi-Object Pages, and 4 – Dynamic Related Lists.”


Dreamforce 2022

So how was Dreamforce 2021 for you? Like many people from the Salesforce eco-system, we are looking forward to 2022 and fingers crossed we will be able to attend in person…

You can still catch highlights from Dreamforce 2021 here.


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