What is Elastic Compute? – Sorry Functions!

What is Elastic Compute? - Sorry, Functions

Here’s a quick blog from one of our Technical Architects at Cloud Galacticos, Mike Gill. He was interested to see that Salesforce Functions is now generally available. Here’s his initial thoughts:


Mike Gill

Mike Gill

What is Elastic Compute? – Sorry, Functions!

A couple of years ago, our COO Paul wrote one of our most popular blogs ever on Salesforce Evergreen after it was announced at Dreamforce 2019 calling it a game-changer for Salesforce developers. A little over 2 years have passed since then and Evergreen has now finally become Generally Available and has a new name – Salesforce Functions. But what are “Functions”? Elastic Compute; sometimes called Serverless, or now simply put “Functions” is Salesforce’s answer to services already provided by other major cloud providers.

It’s little more than that. It has been talked about for ages; why can’t Apex be more like Java? Well now you can now use proper Java in Salesforce!! And if you have been expanding your Node.js skills like I have, you now have the ability to build out solutions leveraging the wealth of Node.js npm libraries out there.


What are the benefits of Functions?

Whilst you have been able to integrate with Salesforce using other languages for a long time, the big difference here is that with Functions all your code runs within the “Salesforce trust boundary.” This means all of your permissions and security are handled for you. Also, it doesn’t even count against your Salesforce request limits!


Get involved

Why not start playing around with it today? The keys to the kingdom are now unlocked!


Why not sign up?

If something is too good to be true, then it probably is! We’ve heard this before with Salesforce… Well, not this time if seeing is believing.  Functions have landed and you can start your New Year off with an exciting new tool!

Sign up here and try it out  https://functions.salesforce.com/signups


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