Five Reasons Why UX Design is Important…

Welcome to the second part of this brief series looking at the question of why UX design matters. In this instalment of the series, I will be taking a look at this question from the vantage point of the Admin and End Users of a Salesforce org.

Here are five reasons why I believe UX design matters to Admins and End Users.


Good UX Design Focuses on Users First and Technology Second

The users of any Salesforce org are the biggest assets to your business, and their experience matters. Users who feel valued and listened to will often input the best and most accurate data, along with providing the best service for your clients and customers. So value them, and you will see the benefits. Include them in the design process, ask for feedback and suggestions, your users will most certainly thank you in the end.


Good UX Design Allows You to Build Scalable and Effective Solutions

Salesforce is always evolving. Admins and End Users have to adjust to changes made through each new seasonal release. There are other tools that you might use such as Slack, Mulesoft and Tableau CRM. This means that the solutions we build need to be scalable and effective for the benefit of all. A good designer will aim to look for ways to continuously improve upon their solutions, keeping them up to date with current best practices and design principles.


Good UX Design Should Encourage Good and Positive User Adoption

It can be a challenge to get User Adoption to the place we want it. One of the biggest areas when it comes to User Adoption is security and permissions. It’s likely that users will be hesitant to fully buy-in to solutions if they don’t have access to what they need or have difficulties finding it. By soliciting feedback you can identify challenges with solutions and adjust them accordingly. When users feel valued and listened to, generally speaking the quality of work they do will be significantly higher. This will be reflected in your User Adoption and overall accuracy and performance.


Good UX Design Should Be an Extension of Your Brand

Making your solutions look and feel like your brand can lead to a feeling of familiarity. Your solutions should be an extension of your brand, when your users use them they should recognise the brand and feel like they are contributing to its success.


Good UX Design Leaves Room for Fresh Ideas and Action

A rule of thumb that is true is that there is always room for fresh ideas. New ideas help you to expand the impact of your work. They help you identify priorities to build upon and to make them more dynamic and user-friendly.


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