Cloud Galacticos is Sponsoring London’s Calling 2021

Cloud Galacticos is sponsoring London’s Calling 2021. One of our favourite Salesforce community-led events will be happening again on Friday 19th March. Last year’s event was forced into a hybrid with people having the option to go in-person or watch the content online. This year will be the event’s first fully remote incarnation. Whilst it is sad we won’t be able to all meet up together in person, we are still really excited to be sponsoring and supporting the event.


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We are particularly excited that this year’s event will be more accessible for a broader range of people. One of the challenges for any event, particularly in London, is finding a good space. We know for the organisers it is a constant balancing act. They have to find somewhere big enough to allow as many people to attend as possible, whilst also keeping within a budget. London’s Calling is normally an affordable event, with tickets under £100 for attendees. As the name implies however, the event is in London, and for those attendees outside the city (or even outside the UK) their costs can add up.

This year however your only costs are the £5 for a ticket. That’s £5 for a full day of learning from the comfort of your own home. We know some people who are able to attend this year because of how much affordable it is for them. More people will get to experience all the great sessions at the same time as everyone else and feel a bigger part of the experience.

Highlights from London’s Calling 2019


Great #Trailblazercommunity Sessions

Speaking of the great sessions, I love the content at London’s Calling. For me it has a fantastic blend of people like Keir Bowden and Ines Garcia, both extremely well known and experienced, along with newer speakers who haven’t shared or spoken before. The content is all pre-recorded this year so there should be a smaller chance of any technical hiccups. For those who are speaking, they can also enjoy more sessions than they might normally be able to do. Our own COO Paul Battisson is also presenting for the 5th time at London’s Calling. Make sure you check his session out!


London’s Calling 2021

As with previous events, we are sure that the London’s Calling team will pull of another awesome Salesforce community event. Expect the usual amazing line up of speakers from the Salesforce trailblazing community,  great keynote speaker, exciting demojam, and much more.

The past year has been very strange and stressful for many people, we are very much looking forward to London’s Calling as a bit of ‘normality’. Whilst it won’t be the same being in person, we are really pleased the event is going ahead. We can still get to see the great content and familiar faces even if only through a screen. Get your ticket here.


Don’t forget to follow London’s Calling event on March 19th via the #LC21 hashtag

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