Ben Duong, Marketing Manager – Meet The Galacticos

Continuing in our series in which you get to meet and learn more about the Cloud Galacticos team, say ‘hello’ to me, Ben Duong, Marketing Manager at Cloud Galacticos. Read on to find out more about me and my experiences.


Ben Duong, Marketing Manager

Can you give us a bit of background about yourself and your history with Salesforce?

My background is pure marketing. I did a Business and Marketing degree, then a Chartered Institute of Marketing Postgrad. I then worked in account management at various marketing agencies in London before moving to Sheffield to go freelance.

I met Phil at university, and when he approached me about helping him with some marketing back in 2013, I thought ‘why not’? The rest, as they say, is history.

Cloud Galacticos at Salesforce London World Tour with Paul Sturgess

Cloud Galacticos at Salesforce London World Tour with Paul Sturgess

You’ve worked on a lot of marketing projects at Cloud Galacticos through the years, can you tell us about some of your favourite or memorable ones?

I’ve been working with Phil on his marketing since he started his journey as a Salesforce consultancy. It was great to see his business grow – employing more people, gaining MVP status and the respect of the Salesforce community.

Deciding to rebrand as Cloud Galacticos was a big project as it meant levelling up the business. We were now competing with more established and larger companies. I think our sponsorship at the Salesforce World Tour London is one of my highlights. It’s our biggest project of the year, and normally the most rewarding for myself and the team.


Looks like you’ve done a lot of travelling and have been to a few Salesforce events around the world, can you some of your highlights?

I’ve been very fortunate to have been to so many Salesforce related events around the world with my job. From Paris to New York, Amsterdam to San Francisco, it highlights that Salesforce is truly a global business, as well as community.

In terms of favourite, Dreamforce stands heads and shoulders above them all. Words can’t describe the vastness of the 4-day conference. It’s also convenient that my dad and family live in San Francisco. So best of both worlds.

Salesforce Ohana Golden Gate Bridge Walk Dreamforce 2019

Aside from working as the Marketing Manager at Cloud Galacticos, what else do you enjoy doing?

With Covid-19 affecting our lives at the moment, I’ve taken to doing regular lunch time walks and yoga to help stay focused and healthy. I also enjoy with cooking and trying to make new dishes from scratch at home. Plus, going to my weekly local pub quiz helps keep the old brain cells in check!


What tips would you have in working with clients remotely, or working remotely in general?

Before Covid-19, I was part working from home and part working from a co-working space in Sheffield called Kollider. So I’m used to being flexible with my working environment.

I’d say it helps to have a dedicated space to work from. Somewhere you feel comfortable and focused. Having regular online casual / non-work catch ups with your team helps too. Also, don’t forget to take regular breaks to get some fresh air!



Cloud Galacticos is a Salesforce Consulting Partner with an all-star team. We are user and developer group leaders, bloggers, MVPs and all round Salesforce nerds. We have people all over the UK including Manchester, Leeds, York, Sheffield, and London. If you are looking for a Salesforce partner with experience who can help you make the most of your org, why not give us a call?

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