1 Year Down Here’s To Many More

Back in 2012, I setup the North UK Salesforce Developer group and began meeting more members of the wonderful Salesforce community across the north of England. At some point I also attended the North England User Group for the first time and met its leader Phil Walton. Over the next few years we would work together on the groups and ran a number of combined events.

An Interesting Discussion

A little over 12 months ago at the end of an event Phil and I were having a beer together and began talking about Cloud Galacticos. He told me what they were doing, where he was taking the business and what they were looking to achieve. We also started discussing if this might be something I would be interested in helping with and where I might fit in.

Over the next few weeks we kept chatting and putting some plans together along with our CTO Neel.  I actually worked with Neel in a different IT role nearly 15 years earlier – it’s a small world after all! After some discussions we came up with a plan and a year ago I joined the Galacticos team as COO.

1 Year Down

It’s been a whirlwind year involving travelling across 3 continents, developing relationships with Cloud Galactico’s existing customers and helping to drive our growth with new clients. As I look back over the past year I am extremely proud of what we as a team have achieved including:

  • Hitting Silver Salesforce Partner status
  • Launching our Managed Services offerings
  • Growing our team with some amazing people
  • Delivering the same consistent quality for a range of clients – from FTSE 100 to brand new startups
  • Supporting the Salesforce Community across a number of events including Inspire East, London’s Calling, DreamOle, YeurDreamin, North Africa Dreamin and India Dreaming
  • Expanded into new specialisms such as Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Began delivering training courses on behalf of Salesforce

Here’s To Many More

I’m extremely excited to build on this success next year. I can only imagine some of the great things we will be looking back on in 12 months time.

It’s been a fantastic first year and I want to thank everyone I have worked with and spoken to. The entire CG team, our customers and our partners have all made it unforgettable.

In what can only be fate, Phil and I were together at a User Group in Manchester on anniversary date! We managed to enjoy a beer together where the conversations all started from and began plotting the next 12 months.

So cheers! 1 year down, here’s to many more

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