Walkabout and Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Walkabout LogoWalkabout Foundation is a UK and US registered charity with the mission of restoring dignity, freedom and independence by providing wheelchairs and rehabilitation in the developing world and funding research to find a cure for paralysis.

Their motto “Mobility is Possibility”. It speaks of their drive to help restore dignity, freedom and independence by providing wheelchairs and rehabilitation in the developing world. As well as helping fund research to find a cure for paralysis.






Managing Donations From Around the World

The way people donate has shifted in recent years, driven in particular by the COVID-19 global pandemic. It is now common for people to donate through a digital medium, and the fact that you can accept donation’s online means that donations can come in from anywhere around the world. It is imperative that an organisation like Walkabout can adapt to such changing circumstances and continue their good work helping change people’s lives.  


Managing Donors and Donations in a Digital Way

The Walkabout team had already been using Salesforce for a while but were not really getting out of it all they could to see the greatest value.

One of the key objectives for the foundation was to allow them to improve the way they track and report upon donations. As a global charity, Walkabout Foundation has donors around the world who donate in different currencies. Walkabout needed to be able to store details of these donations and reconcile them in a single, simple way. 

Once donations had been captured and recorded, Walkabout needed to be able to report upon this information to allow them to gain insights into whether they were meeting their donation targets, as well as on the donors these donations were coming from. Having this data available to them would enable them to most effectively reach out to new and existing donors.

This outreach required changes too. The team needed to be able to assign donors a primary liaison, who would be tasked with ensuring that the donor was kept up to date as to how they were helping change lives and could help further. 


Working With Cloud Galacticos

The Walkabout Foundation engaged Cloud Galacticos to help them adapt their Salesforce system and meet these challenges. Updates were made including new record types, multi-currency enablement and dated exchange rates to allow the foundation to utilise more of the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). This enables the foundation to capture, track and report on all donations no matter what currency they were paid in.

Further updates were made, plus training which help make it easier to engage with donors. Declarative Salesforce automation was also implemented. It includes emails and task reminders to allow users at the Walkabout Foundation to know when to get in touch with their donors. 

And the best part? All the data is captured into a single system which can then be easily reported on.


Greater Engagement and Simpler Reporting

It was great to be able to boost our donor engagement and have increased visibility of major donations made to the foundation. It’s been a game- changer to just be able to report on all our donations and against our targets.

Working with Cloud Galacticos was a true pleasure. The synergy between our teams was seamless. They understood the intricacies of our business well. And gave the relevant advice and know-how to solve our problems and create a CRM better suited to our needs.

We would work with them again in a heartbeat.” 

Camilla Fitzgerald, Director of Development, Walkabout Foundation




We are really pleased to be able to help good causes such as Walkabout Foundation” said Cloud Galacticos COO Paul Battisson. “They do amazing work, and are a great team to work with. We cannot wait to see how they continue to grow and help more people across the globe.


More about Walkabout and Cloud Galacticos

If you would like to learn more about the Walkabout Foundation and the work they do, you can visit their website or make a donation below.

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