NCS and Salesforce Community Cloud

Cloud Galacticos was tasked by NCS to help with their digital offering. With the use of Salesforce Community Cloud, we helped them with the engagement with their community and users.




The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a youth programme that runs across England and Northern Ireland. They exist to engage, unite and empower young people, building their confidence so they can go out there and achieve their dreams. Around 100,000 young people participate in NCS each year.


  1. To create a community for parents and guardians of the young people taking part in NCS using Salesforce Community Cloud.
  2. To help digitise the medical information and support requirements form.
  3. To ensure that the community and its embedded application form were deployed ready for the following season’s Summer programmes term.


We made the most of the various apps available on Salesforce to help NCS realise their objectives. Firstly we documented a detailed set of requirements that NCS could easily prioritise. This helped us focus on the areas that delivered the highest impact.

Using Salesforce Community Cloud provided a logged-in space for the parents and guardians to complete application forms. We also used Salesforce Flows to create a multi-part application form so the parents and guardians could complete the process in their own time.

Finally, we made use of the recently released Conditional Visibility to display additional fields based on earlier responses.


Lawrence Newcombe, Cloud Systems Architect at NCS said, “The project was very successful. In 2020, the proportion of parents and guardians responding to forms through our digital channels increased year-on-year by around 10%., This represents 10,000 forms or around 4,000 hours of contact centre agent time.

Working with Cloud Galacticos was a real pleasure and a big success for NCS. They helped us to refine our vision, make the most appropriate technology decisions, explore ideas and deliver results quickly.

The team were creatively minded and technically very capable. From knowledge of the latest Lightning components and contents of upcoming releases, to an understanding of source control management to a level. This meant they could adapt right away to our DevOps processes.”

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