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Data Protection People (DPP) asked Cloud Galacticos to help overhaul their salesforce org and streamline their business processes. Read our success story on how we approached this project and the resulting outcome.


DataProtectionPeople (DPP) is a specialist data protection and cyber security firm working with a variety of clients including schools, housing associations, and Local Authorities, as well as small and large companies on all aspects of data protection and cyber security assurance.


  • The main objective was a complete overhaul of their Salesforce org and streamline their business processes which had evolved over time
  • Automation and Packaging of DPP flagship product – Datawise, an information governance compliance management toolkit built on Salesforce and commercialised via Communities.
  • Automation of the case management to expedite case management which is a core function of the Support desk, a vital part of the Data Protection Support department.
  • Security review and Overhaul.


The solution involved all aspects of configuration and development including Apex, Flows, and Process Builders to automate to processes and user interaction on Datawise. A major piece of work was the development of process automation for handling information rights requests such as subject access requests or requests for information made under the Freedom of Information Act.  This particular part of the project involved:

  • Making the system intelligent and rules-based folding in the legal requirements set out in legislation to ensure that Datawise users actively manage requests, generate an audit trail and respond in the correct time frame.
  • Visual workflows and Aura Components to simplify the User Interface and streamline the process of gathering data from a user to a few steps.
  • Migrating Datawise from Salesforce portals to communities;
  • Security planning to assign permissions that ensure data integrity as well as delivering functionality;
  • Assigning a cross-functional, talented team with a wide variety of skills to call on for support or for just another pair of eyes to help think through challenges and snags.


Cloud Galacticos have done a fantastic job for us and we love working with them. They are passionate about Salesforce and their expertise and knowledge is absolutely top notch.  The way they went about working with us on our project was just what we needed: flexible, professional and adaptive to the way we work.  I would 100% recommend them to anyone who is wanting to develop their Salesforce platform” – Philip Brining, founder and director of Data Protection People.

  • Datawise is now a much enhanced, fully automated solution with a streamlined data capture process and superb functionality for dealing with complex business processes and supporting its users in their information governance compliance management.
  • DPP’s support desk case management is now fully automated and integrated which has enhanced the company’s speed of response.
  • The new Datawise interfaced built in Salesforce Communities is a huge leap forward compared with the classic Portals look and feel.

If you would like to find out how Cloud Galacticos can help you achieve the same success in Salesforce, contact us now.

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