Trailhead Tracker

.Trailhead Tracker is a managed package from Salesforce Labs which tracks Trailhead achievement across users in an organisation.

Trail Tracker Salesforce


We all know by now that Trailhead is a great way to learn new skills and help keep up with new releases in Salesforce. With many organisations are now using Trailhead to aid adoption, Salesforce have released Trail Tracker to help you track your teams badges.


Trailhead Tracker

With the Trail Tracker app installed, it is now possible to keep an eye on badges earned by employees within an organisation and suggest useful trailmixes for individual users with a target completion date, all whilst promoting some light-hearted competition!

My understanding is that users must have a Trailhead account with an email address matching their email address in the Salesforce org where Trail Tracker is installed. Trailhead allows users to merge multiple user accounts to allow tracking of achievement in one place. With this in mind, I’d suggest making sure users have a Trailhead account with their work email address, prior to setting up Trail Tracker in your org. This will allow Trail Tracker to pick up all of their existing badges, if applicable.

While this may be a little administrative pain to go through at first, it will be worth it in the long-run.  It has superb pre-built reports and dashboards provided by Trail Tracker. We all love a good report, right?!

Salesforce Trail Tracker


The app also provides some Lightning components to add to user profiles. This lets them show off their achievements to colleagues:


Once set up, Trail Tracker runs an initial fetch job to retrieve all the badges earned by users in the org. Then it’s a daily job to update with new or changed data from Trailhead. The timing for this schedule can be specified or changed within the Trailhead Setup tab within the app.



If you are about to implement Salesforce, I think Trail Tracker will greatly help promote adoption. Consider getting all users signed up to Trailhead before implementation (using their work email address!). Also, start assigning suggested trail-mixes to get users started before go-live.

Cloud Galacticos have extensive experience in implementing and customising Salesforce. Feel free to reach out via the website to find out more.

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