Trailhead Go – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #420

Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

This week’s top tip is the release of the Android version of Trailhead Go.

Finally there is an Android version of the Trailhead App, so you can learn whilst you are commuting (no, WFH), maybe whilst you are killing time at the airport (2019 only), well…maybe whilst your laptop is rebooting!?

Trailhead Go for Android

Trailhead Go

In other news…

Tableau CRM

This week it was announced that Einstein Analytics will become Tableau CRM. Here is a thorough article that covers the news from this week’s Tableau conference. “Tableau CRM will provide an integrated analytics and AI experience within Salesforce’s CRM workflow and be a key part of Salesforce Customer 360”.

Rumours are that there is more rebranding to come…

Take a Break!

Thanks to Ben Duong our Head of Marketing, who shared this article within the Galacticos team this week. We have all been doing our best to keep in contact with each other, both for getting work done, but also keeping our friendly work relationships going strong. But there is always more that can be done, and this article gives some good pointers, which after 6 months may have gotten left behind a bit.

We have a weekly ‘Coffee break call’, where we all jump on a Zoom chat, cameras on, and talking about everything EXCEPT Salesforce! In 6 months of Covid, we have probably missed dozens of chances to catch up in person and just chat. Community events, after meetings, travelling between meetings, lunches, curry nights…so it is good to try to fill that gap, even just a little bit.


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