Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

UX Designer – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #465

Welcome to my Salesforce Tip of the Week #465


Tip 1 – Holiday Reading

Hopefully just in time for us to print off and take on holiday!! No, no, don’t do it! But maybe for a read on your return, or for a quick scan through the pdf, here are the release notes for the upcoming Winter ’22 release. Just the 550 pages this time…


Tip 2 – UX Designer

Brand new for 2021, the User Experience / UX Designer Certification is the latest ‘must have’ qualification. There’s definitely a buzz around this new cert on Twitter!


I’m passionate about design and user experience. The exam presented a great opportunity to formalise these interests. 

It’s a real positive to see how much work Salesforce have put into recognising and formalising the disciplines and professional practice of User Experience, Design Thinking, Inclusive/Accessible Design and Service Design in a systems setting.


Read about the experiences and tips of our Consultant, Luke Menzfeld, here as he studied, battled, and succeeded. Well done Luke!


Final Tip Of The Week – Sign Up

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