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TrailblazerDX – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #501

Welcome to Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #501


Tip 1 – TrialblazerDX

TrailblazerDXI’m still playing catch up on the highlights of TrailblazerDX, hopefully I can catch a few of the sessions on Salesforce+.

But one thing the team spotted was a couple of new Certs which will be coming soon.

The Business Analyst cert and Strategy Designer cert.





Tip 2 – Ranger Ranks

Another hotly anticipated announcement at TrailblazerDX was the new ranks for those with hundreds of Trailhead badges to their names.

At present, anything over 100 badges makes you a Ranger… but with many people with hundreds, or even over 1000, here are some new ranks to aim for.





Tip 3 – New Blog Series

Congratulations to our very own Mark Jones, and his many guests, on a new blog series he has been working on with Salesforce.

Click here for the summary and first four posts.

Keep an eye out for a new guest each Tuesday!







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