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Summer ’22 Release – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #504

Welcome to Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #504


Tip 1 – Summer ’22 Release

Salesforce Summer '22 Release

Starting today, there are lots of webinars to prepare us for the Summer ’22 release.

Our Summer ’22 release is almost here and we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the most of all the new features.

Our product managers will guide you through what’s new and give you a sneak peek into their roadmap for the rest of 2022.’

Click here for the full list and fill your calendar.





Tip 2 – Sales Tips

Here are some useful Tips from some of the best known Sales leaders ‘to inspire and power your sales strategy’.

There are 29 ‘game-changing sales influencers you should be following in 2022’. So there will be plenty of great tips from the people who are top of their game!

Some good ones like “Shrinking the gap between idea and action will improve your self confidence. Actions > words.” And “Hire outside the box.



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