Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Slack Trail – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #473

Welcome to my Salesforce Tip of the Week #473


Tip 1 – Slack Trail

Slack Trail

Here at Galactico Tower we have been using Slack for several years, but as more people (especially in the Salesforce ecosystem) use it, some training and guidelines are very useful. This Trailhead Slack Trail covers the basics, plus pointers on etiquette, and much more.

Once you have covered that one, move on to digging deep into business uses on this Slack Trail.


Tip 2 – Want More?

Slack Frontiers

Slack Frontiers is a free 2-day event, it’s ‘Dreamforce for Slack’. Register here. It is held between 16th-18th November, depending on your location.


Tip 3 – IdeaExchange


This week saw some updates and improvements to IdeaExchange… “With intelligent search, enhanced idea details, threaded commenting and simplified idea submission community-led innovation has never been easier”. Take a look at the new look IdeaExchange here.


Final Tip Of The Week – Sign Up

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