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Clicks versus Code – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #422

Back from the pre-historic days of 2014, here is a post on the Developer Blog about when to choose Clicks over Code. I am sure it would have been a longer article if it was on the Admin Blog 😉 It is a useful resource for someone new to Salesforce (or that sits only on one side of the office…the Dev side only, or the Admin side only), or to explain to a Client why something was built in a certain way.

Clicks v Code

Clicks v Code

Some real life examples mentioned include:

  • Instead of writing Triggers, automate Field Updates using Workflow
  • Use Formula Fields and Roll-Up Summary Fields for field calculations instead of writing a Visualforce page
  • Using Standard Objects instead of Custom Objects

In other news…

App review

Thank you Tom Blamire aka SalesforceTom for sharing this.

Field creator allows you to add multiple custom fields, set the field visibility either individually or for all fields being created. This is a massive time saver for any admin in a high demand/time critical environment”

This App is part of Ben Edwards’s Salesforce Toolkit which we have mentioned in the past, and well worth a look.

Trailhead ‘Quick Look’

Got someone asking you ‘What is Salesforce’? ‘What should I look into Sales or Service’? Here are some really basic Trailhead Modules that may help. If they come back for more then they may be hooked.