Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

TrailheaDX, Trails, and even Dreamforce – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #448

Tip 1 – TrailheaDX

June 23rd will be TrailheaDX, you can register now for free here. Originally a Developer focussed event, more recently it is aimed at the whole Salesforce audience…”Devs, admins, architects, partners, and IT leaders, join us as we gather globally with Trailblazers looking to expand their Salesforce skills”.

It is a 1 day virtual event, so don’t expect the same as the in-person events, but the agenda includes:

35 Product demos

27 Content Episodes

25 Expert led rooms

5 Broadcast channels

Tip 2 – SDGs

As part of our commitment to promoting sustainable development, I found this Trail very useful. Take a look at the sustainable development goals and see which you can help on. It’s everyone’s responsibility.

Tip 3 – Dreamforce!?

This week saw an article in The Business Journals quoting that Salesforce were ‘absolutely committed’ to holding an in-person Dreamforce this year, Sept 21st-24th. To say I am surprised is the understatement of the week!

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Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Appexchange Trusted Reviewers and Rollup Helper – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #447

Tip 1 – Trusted Reviewers

Have you noticed any updates on the Appexchange? Last month these updates were announced, which are useful when you are looking at reviews on Apps/Products. If there are 2 reviews, 1 good 1 bad, which do you take as the most accurate? The new Top Reviewer/ MVP/Ranger icons add some extra gravitas to certain reviews, maybe not to base a decision on, but at least to help sway a split decision!

Tip 2 – Rollup Summaries

We have featured this Rollup tool from Andy Fawcett in a number of blogs and presentations, so I am using this week’s latest release as an excuse to highlight ‘Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries’ here. Our Architect Mike Gill says…

“Every org at some point requires a custom roll up discussion, and warranty’s at look at the options and apps out there – such as DLRS. If your use case requires a non standard roll up the first thing you should do is revisit the business requirement which has lead you to this point. Question the object model design, do you really need a custom roll up at all? If you still need a custom roll up – the next thing you need to decide is whether to build your own or use an app such as DLRS. DLRS has evolved over the years into a one stop shop for solving roll up requirements, most people don’t fully appreciate the scope of it and how it works, so we recommend taking a look!

It’s primary use case is bridging the gap between related data when no master-detail relationship is possible. Example – rolling up data from Service Cloud object such as Case to the Account object.This is all easily achieved declaratively without the need to create a single flow or apex class. On the flip side it’s not the ideal solution for simply solving reporting requirements after reporting requirement. Every roll up no matter how it’s created or implemented has it’s cost and just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

With great power comes great responsibility — alternatively known as the Peter Parker principle”

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Cloud Galacticos at London’s Calling 2020

Now in its fifth edition, London’s Calling is Europe’s largest community led event for Salesforce professionals. At Cloud Galacticos we are firm believers in supporting the Salesforce Ohana. We’ve been attending the conference since the start and it’s amazing to watch it grow. So we’re proud to announce that we will be Community Sponsor at this year’s London’s Calling on Friday 20th March.

Keynote Speaker Julian Treasure

Due to increased demand, the event will be at The Brewery, in the City of London. It’s a larger space to fit in more sessions and people. This year’s keynote speaker will be Julian Treasure. He’s a sought-after and top-rated international speaker who has spoken at multiple TED events. You can see one of his talks on being a better listener here and I am looking forward to hearing what he has to share.

Salesforce Community

Paul Battisson at Londons Calling 2019

The sessions will be grouped into ‘tracks’ to help you focus, such as Marketing, Admin, and Developer. So pick the track that suits you and get learning. As well as all the learning, London’s Calling is a great place for people in the Salesforce community to connect, catch up, and also let their hair down at the after-party – which Cloud Galacticos is proud to be sponsoring this year.

‘10 People You Should Meet’

Cloud Galacticos Infographic Stickers

As per previous events, there will be a strong contingency from Cloud Galacticos in attendance. And as per last year, we will be doing a special ‘10 People You Should Meet’ at the event. It was a great success and people enjoyed trying to find the people on the list – each of whom had a sticker to hand out.


So if you’re lucky enough to get a ticket for this year’s London’s Calling event, keep an eye out for one of our Team Galacticos staff and come and say ‘hello’. Don’t forget to ask for an infographic sheet – there may be prizes…

Keep an eye out on our Twitter and #LC20 during the event! And read about last year’s event here.


London’s Calling, Friday 20th March, at The Brewery in London