Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Cert

We like to encourage our team to keep on learning and developing their Salesforce skills, especially as we operate in a fast moving and dynamic environment. One of our newest team members, and most recent to gain a new certification is Luke. He passed his Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification. We caught up with him to find out more…


What made you decide to take the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification?

I wanted to formalise my knowledge and experience related to Sales Cloud both for myself and also for future clients. I always try to make continued learning part of my routine.


How did you approach the prep for the exam?

I usually follow a set format for exam preparation, but took a slightly different approach this time. Here’s a mix of the steps that I took, with some recommendations:

  • Always start with the exam guide and review it thoroughly. Make sure you know what the exam is actually assessing.
  • Find the suggested Trailmix on Trailhead for the certification and assess where you stand. Have you already completed 50% of the content? Great, what’s left? How will you tackle it? Are any of your knowledge gaps linked to the topics in the exam outline? Which are weighted the highest? This will get you started on the right track.
  • I picked up a Udemy course from Mike Wheeler which provided 11 hours of content covering the full range of topics on the exam. This was a very useful material to start my preparation. Credit to Mike Wheeler. Don’t underestimate how long it will take you to work through this volume of content.
  • Next up was the Focus on Force content which is a staple for any exam. If you’ve completed the steps above and are on your way with your preparation, then tackle one or two of the full exams to identify which areas need your focus. Prioritise, study, sit the topic exams and repeat. Credit to Martin Gessner, particularly for providing the ‘Full Screen’ option for the study guides…  It’s a game changer!


Was the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant cert difficult, and any tips for people thinking of doing this exam?

This exam pressured me for time. Whilst I wasn’t shocked by the questions and content, I only just completed one full review in addition to the time taken to complete all of the questions.

In terms of tips for the exam itself, make sure you know Opportunity Management, Account Management, Campaigns, Forecasting & Project Delivery inside out.

In general, put the hours in, have a plan, tackle the highest weighted topics with study, discovery in a developer org and practical research. Don’t go into the exam with any assumptions. It’s in your hands to check it out beforehand. 


What does passing the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant cert mean to you in terms of your daily work at Cloud Galacticos?

If anybody has project demand for a multi-currency, Enterprise Territory Management project with Cumulative Forecasting & Quota tracking then get in touch! Day to day I’ll pass this learning and advice onto clients and the team where required to support project work.


Do you have any other Salesforce certs that you plan to take in 2021?

Yes, I have lots of plans for future certifications into 2021. A mixture of formalising existing knowledge but plenty of opportunity for new knowledge and skills too. The process demands a lot of extra time, study and effort but I’m yet to complete one where I haven’t seen value or have learned lots of things that I didn’t know before I started.


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