Emma Frost, Project Manager – Meet the Galacticos 

Continuing in our series in which you get to meet and learn more about the Cloud Galacticos team, say ‘hello’ to Emma, Project Manager at Cloud Galacticos. I caught up with Emma via email to find out more about her and her experiences.

Emma Frost, Project Manager

Hi Emma, thanks for finding a few minutes to help people learn a bit more about you. Can you give us a bit of background about yourself before you joined Cloud Galacticos?

I’ve been working in the Internet industry, and on Internet projects in other industries (not for profit, higher education, public sector), for over 20 years in various different roles, all of them requiring project management skills. On joining Cloud Galacticos back in 2015 I started revising for my Salesforce Admin certification and really enjoyed learning a new platform. I think that’s what has kept me in the industry for so long, I love anything new! 

Can you tell us more about your role at Cloud Galacticos?

As project manager I’m responsible for various things including liaising with the client, keeping track of tasks / bugs and ensuring that we are on time for our deadlines. One of the advantages of working for a smaller company rather than a large corporation is that you can be more flexible and less constrained by your job title. So my role within each project varies according to the client, life stage of the project and the team (internally and externally) that I’m working with.

You’ve worked on a lot of Salesforce projects through the years, can you tell us about some of the ones that you particularly enjoyed?

I always like getting to know new people and getting to a point where you can share jokes and personal information about families etc so my favourite projects are always the longer ones with lots of regular meetings throughout the week so you can build a real rapport.

Emma with one of her paintings

Aside from Salesforce and running Cloud Galacticos, what else do you enjoy doing?

I have a young family but when not spending time with them I also run a social enterprise in York called Bikes in Need, getting donated bikes and giving them to refugees, homeless hostels etc. And when I’m not doing that I paint, I work with acrylics and paint mainly landscapes.

What tips would you have in working with clients remotely, or working remotely in general?

I think it’s all about communication. As long as you have frequent communication (it doesn’t have to be lengthy) then you can make sure nothing escalates. It also helps to build that rapport I was talking about, recreating the little chats you have in the workplace, but online. 


Thanks Emma for your time and insight into your life. We have quite a few other team members to interview in due course. Watch this space!



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