Priyanka Miryalkar, Meet the Galacticos

Priyanka Miryalkar, Mulesoft Lead Developer – Meet the Galacticos


Welcome to the latest in our series of Meet the Galacticos blogs to learn more about our growing Cloud Galacticos team. Say ‘hello’ to Priyanka Miryalkar, one of our few recent recruits. We caught up with Priyanka to ask her a few questions.


Priyanka Miryalkar, Mulesoft Lead Developer


Hi Priyanka, can you give us a bit of background about yourself and your work history?

I’m from an IT background  from a small town in India. After my education I moved to the city and after so many hurdles joined start-up companies and product based companies in my journey and learned a lot.

I have more than ten years of experience in the IT industry. I initially started my career as a tester, then moved to middleware technologies, scripting like Node.js, Mule4, Javascript, and queuing servers like activeMQ.

My relevant experience is six plus years of experience on integration platforms and worked with different companies on integration roles. My last role was with Hitachi Vantara India. I worked as Senior integration lead where I used to be a solo contributor from offshore on Mulesoft integration. It involved different projects with internal and external clients, including participated onshore go-lives with the salesforce development and admin team.


What’s your story behind joining the Cloud Galacticos team?

Priyanka Miryalkar, Cloud GalacticosI always wanted to have a learning experience in my career. Also to make sure any company I joined should have that learning curve and should also have that family time.

When I spoke to Phil and Paul, it felt good and they gave me that confidence to take on this role. I think Cloud Galacticos is a place where I can leverage my skills and also learn new things.






What is your role as a Mulesoft Lead Developer at Cloud Galacticos, and what do you enjoy about it?

  1. Responsible for programming and software development using various programming languages and related tools and frameworks, reviewing code written by other programmers, requirement gathering, bug fixing, testing, documenting and implementation.
  2.  Understand and implement Dataweave scripts. Deploy APIs to Cloudhub.
  3.  Mule applications developed to connect third parties APIs easily and quickly. Regardless of various technologies used by applications, Mule ESB enables easy integration of applications, enabling them to exchange data.
  4. Had enablement calls with Podpoint team and with MuleSoft team. Onboarded few resources and allocated stories together and worked on it.
  5. I enjoy working with multiple people because integration is all about engaging so many teams and demonstrating the applications.


Do you have plans to take any Salesforce certifications in the near future?

I have very good experience working with salesforce sales and services cloud from the past. So, I have already done my admin certification on salesforce. I’m also a Mule 4 certified developer. However, I am planning to do the Architect level certification on Mulesoft later this year. And if required I’ll look into more Salesforce certs.


Aside from Salesforce and working at Cloud Galacticos, what else do you enjoy doing?

I spend most of my days in front of a computer which isn’t the healthiest thing. I try to minimise screen time where possible. So I try to spend as much time with nature – gardening, or going for walks. I also enjoy reading books on human psychology, cooking, and just hanging out with family and friends. I really miss my large family back in India, I have long video calls with them almost everyday.


Anything else you want to add?

Priyanka Miryalkar LondonI celebrated my one year wedding anniversary in the UK, but I haven’t had the chance to explore many places.

I’m planning to go on vacation this summer – it’d be great to get few suggestions on budget-friendly places to visit in the UK!








Food: Chicken and Mutton Biryani anytime ,chicken, seafood

Drink: Anything non alcoholic 

TV Shows: Young Sheldon, Steve Harvey shows and lots of drama series from Netflix and amazon prime

Film: I think my all time favourite movie is Argo, Schindler’s List, and the Terminal and a few fantasy movies. 

Animal: Dogs and Cows

Place to Visit: India always (especially Hyderabad)


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