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Mentoring Women in Business Programme, Formulas, and Tidal – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #426

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

This week, on Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women launched a new Partnership with Salesforce. Read the full announcement here on how they plan to work together to deliver the Mentoring Women in Business Programme.

Women's Entrepreneurship Day

From the Press Release:

Salesforce Women’s Network and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women have committed to an exciting new partnership this Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (19th November), coming together to deliver the Foundation’s flagship, cross-border Mentoring Women in Business Programme.

Recognising the importance of centring women’s economic empowerment, at a particularly challenging time for female entrepreneurs all over the world, Salesforce will deliver professional mentoring through the Foundation to female entrepreneurs in low and middle income countries, supporting global business resilience and growth in the wake of COVID-19.

Eight business leaders from Salesforce Women’s Network have committed to the programme as mentors from November 2020, who will help to develop and grow women entrepreneurs over a 12 month period. Each mentor will be matched with a woman mentee at a crucial stage in her business, in a year-long relationship of professional support and development, conducted through the Foundation’s newly-redeveloped online Mentoring platform.

In other news…


We all love formulas, right? Here is a great link with tonnes of Advanced Formulas. From old favourites like ‘Flag Ratings’, to the jovial ‘Find the Number of Business Days Between Two Dates’, and the upbeat ‘BBC News Search’ Hyperlink.

Advanced Formulas 


This week I treated myself to a musical upgrade, with a ‘Studio Quality’ membership of Tidal. Dont worry i’m not on commission! Anyone want to share some playlists for studying, coding, reading this blog!? Share it on Twitter with the hashtag #salesforceplaylist and lets share some great music! Apologies for my 90’s Madchester tunes, but I am expanding my tastes, honestly.

Joy Division