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Optimizer App and London’s Calling – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #443

Tip 1 – Optimizer

A great way to review your Org, and get suggestions on areas for improvement, is by using Salesforce Optimizer. The report has been around for a while, but soon to be disabled in June as the App is more interactive. Nothing to instal, just search ‘Optimizer’ in Setup and click ‘Open Optimizer’ to reveal a list of suggestions and estimates. Turns out I have lots of unused Fields, and Reports I have never run!

From the Salesforce Help docs…

The Salesforce Optimizer app analyzes more features than the existing PDF report and in a more interactive and actionable format. Quickly identify issues that require immediate attention by using the sortable list view. Read through expert Salesforce recommendations to plan next steps.

Consider running Salesforce Optimizer as part of your monthly maintenance, before installing a new app, before each Salesforce release, or at least once a quarter. You can run the report as often as you want to keep on top of maintenance activities. You can set the App to run automatically on a monthly basis.

Tip 2 – London’s Calling you Now! 

LC2021 is just kicking off. We are happy to be sponsoring today, as we have for every LC event! There is always great content, so it is THE best UK Salesforce event in my opinion. I am looking forward to:

Lawrence Newcombe’s session ‘Ready, Set, Architect’ at 10.45am,

Leslie Gestautas’s session on migrating data at 3.30pm,

and of course our very own Paul Battisson’s session ‘Improving the performance of your Apex Code‘ at 2.45pm.

I am sure the sessions will be available on YouTube in the coming weeks, but it is always good to block out a chunk of learning time all in one go at an event like this.

Keep an eye out for our new animated video & tell me what you think!

Tip 3 – Sign up

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Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Free Apps, Partner News, Book Review – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #441

Tip 1 – Free App(s) of the week

Thank you to Amanda Nelson at the Appexchange team for adding some of my favourite free SalesforceLabs Apps to this article. So now you have 13 recommendations to take a look at! Enjoy.

It looks like Report and Dashboard apps are very popular on the Appexchange, and especially from the free apps provided by SalesforceLabs. Of the Apps recommended, I have also used ‘Adding multiple related records’ and ‘MyV2MOM’. Which are your favourite Labs apps?

FYI – To make it easier and faster to find these apps, Appexchange recently launched a new Salesforce Labs Digital App Guide. “Find the department or challenge that best match your needs, and once you find an app (or a few), click on the listing to learn more and install it”.


Tip 2 – Partners

Congratulations to Shiv and his team at Dazeworks, who this week announced they are joining with US based iLink Digital. We have worked together with Dazeworks since Day 1 and are very happy for their news, and look forward to working with the extended team in the future. It is great to hear positive stories in these challenging times, and this is a great positive for both Dazeworks and iLink.


Tip 3 – Book review – ‘Eat That Frog’

You know that thing that you know you have to do but don’t really want to do…just get it done first thing, and your whole day/life will be better! Ok that has saved you a few hours of reading. But actually, after I thought the moral of this short book had been taught on page 1, there was some more useful ideas for prioritising what is important, and ending procrastination.


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