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Pakistan Dreamin – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #466

Welcome to my Salesforce Tip of the Week #466


Tip 1 – Chrome Extension

Salesforce inspector app on Chrome web store

Our Consultant Val Southern has been become the biggest fan of the ‘Salesforce Inspector‘ Chrome Extension. Here is what she says:

This is a really useful Chrome extension which can be opened from a menu icon on any page in Salesforce. The extension allows the user to examine all data in the current record (plus field details), regardless of the visible fields on the page layout and allows quick data updates to that record right from that record view.

There’s also a neat link from the menu to run SOQL queries and paste the results into Excel or .csv

Form what I’ve seen so far, I can see how many Admins find it to be a really valuable time-saver with it’s quick shortcuts where I’d previously have to trawl the setup menu or go through object manager to get to the same places accessed through Salesforce Inspector’s menu. For example, quickly login as a user to diagnose an issue, access object detail and more.

I’ve only scratched the surface but I expect it will become part of my everyday life from now on!


Tip 2 – Pakistan Dreamin

Pakistan Dreamin Website Screenshot

Heads up for the launch of Pakistan Dreamin on 18th Sept. It looks like a great event, jam packed with content and speakers. I have just registered, it’s free, you should do it too!


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