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Org Shape and Critical Incidents – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #451

Tip 1 – Org Shape

Thank you to our Architect and fellow MVP Mike Gill for this one…”The Org shape feature has had a bit of rough ride to get here, those familiar with the history of the feature will know this. Now it is officially available to all as a Public Beta, anyone can take it for a spin!

What is it? – Create an org shape to mimic your baseline setup – scratch orgs have been largely difficult to adopt due to the complexity of getting your Scratch Org setup to look like a Sandbox or Production Org. Org Shape allows you to easily create Scratch Orgs which match you Production Org in terms of licenses, features, settings and limits. The once impossible task of getting your scratch org looking like a production org is now possible.”

Take a look here for more details.

Mike also adds:

“If you don’t know the benefits of scratch orgs – here are some- As we move into a more DevOps centric world, scratch orgs provide a unprecedented level of control around org management which is necessary for CI/CD
– Ability to track changes easily and pull down only the changes you want
– It forces better developer practices – such as modularisation”

Tip 2 – Critical Incidents

Some of the Community saw this management come into affect this week, after issues on Wednesday…so if you want to learn about Critical Incidents, from either side of the desk, take a look at this Trailhead module.

Final Tip – Sign up

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Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Sandbox Status Bingo – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #434

Sandbox Status Bingo

Need a party game for your next Zoom meeting? Try ‘Sandbox Status Bingo’! Ok my elevator pitch may need some work…but I found this resource today, I never knew there were so many different Sandbox Statuses. So how many can you cross off the list?


Sandbox Statuses

Sampling The copy engine is determining which object records are sampled and copied from the production org. This status is used only by Partial Copy sandboxes.
Pending The sandbox is in the queue to be processed by the copy engine. If other sandbox copy requests were made before yours, your sandbox could remain in this state for an extended period of time.
Processing The copy engine has picked up the copy request and is working to build the sandbox.
Suspended The copy engine was interrupted while refreshing or creating the sandbox. The copy engine automatically recovers from this state and returns to processing. If this status remains unchanged for more than one hour, contact Salesforce Customer Support.
Stopped The copy engine couldn’t recover from multiple events. If your sandbox is in this state, contact Salesforce Customer Support for specific details and next steps. Salesforce is notified automatically of sandboxes in this state so we can resolve the issues.
Pending Activation The copy engine created the sandbox and is waiting for you to activate or discard it.
Activating The copy engine is completing the final steps to make your new sandbox available.
Discarding The copy engine is marking the refreshed sandbox for deletion, because you clicked Discard. The current sandbox and your production org aren’t affected by this process.
Completed The copy engine has completed the creating or refreshing the sandbox, and the new sandbox is active. You can log in to your new sandbox org.
Deleting The copy engine is marking the sandbox environment and all sandbox history for deletion. This status is used after you click Delete. This process doesn’t affect your production org.
Locking A background process is locking the sandbox. See the Locked status for more details.
Locked You can’t log into this sandbox because you let some or all your sandbox licenses expire.

Contact your account manager to restore the expired licenses. You have 60 days to restore the licenses. If the licenses aren’t restored within 60 days, your sandbox is deleted.

(EDO)Everybody’s Demo Org

I used this for the first time this week. It is new Interactive Demo org with data and further functionality where you can “view multiple employee experiences including Sales, Service, Marketing and more!” It also has a Twilio Lightning Dialer feature, to make and receive calls in the Org. Sign up for one here.