Phil's Salesforce Tip of the Week

Slack First – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #456

Welcome to my Salesforce Tip of the Week #456


Tip 1 – Weekend

This weekend is an enforced ‘No Trailblazer‘ weekend, possibly to allow us all to watch the Euro 2020? With England playing Scotland is a crucial game this evening, and Wales facing Italy on Sunday, there’s plenty to keep us (in the UK) entertained.

Planned maintenance means it is down for most of Saturday and Sunday, so no Answers, Groups, Ideas, etc. etc.. I hope you find something good to do this weekend, be it watching the football, enjoying some family time, or much needed me time!


Tip 2 – Free App of the Week

Introducing ‘SoundBoardForce‘ – a free App where you can send sounds/clips to another User. It’s available on Salesforce Labs and AppExchange. Accordingly to the listing AppExchange, one of the highlights is that you can ‘send dumb sounds to other people!’. You can also ‘send sounds anonymously! Send sounds schmanonymously!’…

Ok so it won’t fix all your Salesforce problems, but it looks like fun. And it does have functionality to mute and block!


Tip 3 – Slack First

Marc Benioff’s message I assume is not ‘Slack first, work later’ (although he is taking a digital break for a couple of months!). More specifically he said “We’re going to rebuild all of our technology, once again, to become Slack-first“. It is not clear what this will entail, or how big a task it is, but it is clear that Slack is viewed as a major part of Salesforce going forward.



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