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Lionheart Astro – Phil’s Salesforce Tip of the Week #468

Welcome to my Salesforce Tip of the Week #468


Tip 1 – Mass Assign Permissions App

Mass Assign Permissions App

Thanks to our Senior Developer Vetri for sharing this Free App with the team this week!

This app allows you to save time and reduce errors by assigning Field, Object, Visualforce Page & Apex Class Permissions to multiple profiles and permission sets in one go


Tip 2 – Lionheart Astro

Lionheart Astro

We tell the kind person at the stand “it’s for the kids” or “my youngest will love this“… But in reality we know it will take ‘pride of place’ (a little lion joke there) in the office, next to the Benioff’s books and a collection of Apple product boxes! Here is the latest addition to the Salesforce family, or one specially dressed for work with Non Profit & Education Users.
To meet the unique needs of our nonprofit, education, and philanthropy customers, Lionheart Astro is here! They’re the same Astro you know and love, supercharged with bold courage, big compassion, and a super-snazzy lion suit.
Lionheart Astro’s personality makes them perfect for championing the people who make the world a better place. They’re here to help you help the helpers, with opportunities that include Pro Bono, Power of Us Hub, Impact Labs, and Open Source Commons. Lionheart Astro is the heart of


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